Adperium review : Online advertising network

Adperium review

Adperium is an online advertising network. Located in Netherlands this network connected potential 3k+ advertisers and 5k+ premium publishers. It is serving 5 billion+ ad impressions monthly. The revenue models of this ad network are CPC and CPM. It is a good alternative to Adtomatik ad network. Adperium review sites before approving them. Generally they take 24 hours to review your site.

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Requirements for sites to join Adperium ad network

  • Under construction or incomplete sites don’t get approved.
  • Sites having thin content will get rejected without second thought.
  • Sites having great content and high quality traffic have higher chances of getting approved.
  • The sites must not contain any objectionable content like adult, hacking, spam etc.
  • This network doesn’t accept warez or download sites.
  • The sites must not had made for the advertising purpose. Advertisers don’t like excessive advertising.


  • Publishers must not use bots or software to generate fake traffic.
  • Publishers must not drive traffic from illegal sites.
  • Publishers must not alter the ad code.
  • Publishers must not click on their own ads or encourage others.
  • Publishers must not apply for this program unless they satisfy site requirements.


Publishers get paid on Net 30 basis. This network supports 3 payment options : PayPal, Stripe and Wire transfer. The threshold payout is $25 when paid via PayPal and Stripe. For Wire transfer it is $100 or €100.

Best features

  • 100% clean ads
  • Publishers can have full control on ads.
  • Publishers can set the prices.
  • Publishers can use their own scripts as passback tags.
  • 100% fill rate
  • Competitive prices
  • Timely payments
  • Real time reporting system
  • Great support via phone, Email and chat.


  • Ads might be not be available if publishers set high prices.

Final Conclusion

This network works well for US, UK, Canada, Australia and European traffic. Here high quality traffic and content matters the most. Publishers who had tried this network can share their experiences. Hope this Adperium review help publishers to get started.

Join this ad network and start making money

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