Magenet Review (2023): Join and Monetize Your Websites Today

The website monetization is a bit tricky for any site owner. Choosing the right monetization will always fetch the decent profits.

There are various monetization methods like URL shortening and affiliate marketing. But online advertising can still be a good bet.

This Magenet review will let you know about earnings with the article links and website article monetization.

Before getting into the review, you should know about the Magenet. It is a contextual advertising network but it has many extra features that you don’t find in others.

They have been in the online ad industry since 2007.

The main motive of this network is to make the whole advertising process simpler and effective.


How Can You Get Started with the Magenet?

For signing up, go to the Magenet homepage and apply as a publisher. Once your account gets approved, you can start adding the websites from your account dashboard.

You should select the right CMS for setting up the ads.

Magenet add site

After adding the site, the next step is to confirm the website. That means you need to verify your website depending on your CMS platform.


If your website is hosted on WordPress, then you need to install the plugin. The Website Monetization by Magenet plugin is available for WordPress users.

You can follow the guidelines as seen in the image below.

confirn website magenet

Universal Plugin

This method could be accepted on any type of platform. All you have to do is copy and paste the code to the PHP file.

Please see the guidelines given in the image below.

Universal plugin Magenet

Manual Install

As the name suggests, you should copy and paste the code in a file and upload it to your website.

Manual Install - Magenet

Article Plugin

Apart from the website monetization option, you can also earn from the Website Article Monetization. This option works only for WordPress sites.

When you install the Website Article Monetization By MageNet plugin, automatically a new webpage will be created with fresh content.

The free content will be given to you by buyers. However, you will have full rights to reject the content.

The Magenet claims that you will earn 30% extra when you install the Website article monetization plugin.

The price depends on the quality of your website. Generally, buyers prefer quality sites. So, the website article monetization works great for quality sites.

You get the free optimized content and the buyers will get the backlink in return.

The best part is that the free content can help in boosting search engine rankings.

You can find the placement guidelines in the image below.

Website article monetization by MageNet

How Does the Magenet Work?

Once your site gets added, the Magenet will index and analyse the content. Eventually it will catch the eye of advertisers.

However, the priority of the advertiser is to advertise on high authority sites.

So, the Magenet mainly look for high SB rank sites.

You can put your own price but it shouldn’t be very high or very low. The prices should be reasonable according to the default value.

The revenue purely depends on the quality and authority of your site. You can earn up to 150% commission extra for adding quality websites.

The publishers are required to place solo ads within 5 days. You need to place ads within the content to earn a higher income.

As long as your site is content centric, you do not need to worry about website monetization.

How And When Will You Get Paid?

The publishers will get paid on a monthly basis. You should reach at least $60 for receiving the earnings. The payment option is PayPal.

Why Should Someone Join the Magenet Ad Network?

  • Multiple revenue opportunities: You can make money from the Magenet website monetization, article monetization and referral program.
  • Website value calculator: This tool really helps to evaluate the default pricing of your website. It will let you know how much you can earn from your website.
  • Compatibility with the Google AdSense: The Magenet is perfectly compatible with the Google AdSense. As you might know, the AdSense works on Pay per click model. Whereas the Magenet ads pricing is fixed monthly.
  • Website quality bonus: The Magenet will pay the selected publishers up to 150% revenue bonus every month apart from monthly earnings. Your site should satisfy certain parameters like high DA, PA, more indexability, IP score and competition.
  • Full control: The publishers can straightaway reject the ads or content.
  • Hassle free advertising: The Magenet will search for the advertisers, negotiate with them and place ads using the plugin.
  • Dedicated support: The publishers can receive dedicated support from the Magenet team.

What Is the Final Conclusion?

The publishers should join the Magenet ad network to earn a decent income. If you have worked as a publisher, then please share your experiences.

Hope this Magenet review help the publishers for getting started.

Join Magenet and start monetizing your sites!

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  1. Hi, Suresh. Thanks for sharing this information. Pls I want to know the requirements a publisher needs to get accepted in this ad network

  2. Suresh, you did a great job writing this wonderful Post, thumbs up. However I have a question regarding this ad network. My question is….. Can I use this ad network on an entertainment blog having AdSense? If yes then what’s their requirements. I will be glad if u give me a feedback

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