Make money with Chitika advertising network: review

Make money with Chitika advertising network

Chitika is a search targeted pay-per-click network based in United States. The AdSense banned or disapproved publishers can go with Chitika. That doesn’t mean that you cannot run Chitika ads along with AdSense. You can run them as long as they don’t resemble other network ads.

The ads displayed on the publisher’s website or blog are based on the keywords searched by the user on search engines. For instance, when a user searches for ” pet supplies in Dallas ” on Google the ads displayed on the site might be related to pet stores or pet food. The results may vary with geographical location. Chitika offers 3 types of advertisements namely Local, Search and Mobile. The ads price is based on CPC (Cost per click), CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) whereas for mobile ads price would be calculated on Pay per call.

Payment Info

Chitika pays its publishers on NET 30 basis. That is you will get paid after 30 days upon reaching the threshold amount. The minimum threshold earnings is $10 for Paypal and $50 for check.

Affiliate Program

Chitika encourages publishers to earn extra income by referring members. Chitika publishers can make money by referring to others. They could earn 10% of the revenue earned by the referrals.


1. The support team are very helpful and you can reach them via email and phone.

2. Low payment threshold ($10 for paypal)

3.  Chitika approves the publishers worldwide.

4. The chances of getting disapproved is very less.

5. You can use ads on any number of sites once approved.

6. Chitika ads can run along with Google Adsense.

7. Publishers can make money with Chitika referral program

8. Your account won’t get deleted even if you were inactive for a long time.


1.  The CPC (Cost per click) is very low as the ads based on the searched keywords.

2.  There is no forum on the Chitika website.

Final Conclusion of Chitika advertising network

Publishers can instantly make money with Chitika publisher program when they manage to attract huge traffic from US and Canada. Hope this Chitika review helps others to get started.

Make money with Chitika as a publisher

5 thoughts on “Make money with Chitika advertising network: review

  1. I am the new publisher of chitika from India but what i find is that chitika pay very less. I mean not even a cent for a click!!!! Wish they increase their rates.

  2. Hi Chitika Publisher,
    Thank you for stopping by my post. Chitika pays you well if your site manages to attract traffic from US and Canada. I wish you good luck for your success. 🙂

  3. Good information. I just started with Chitika, otherwise I am already making Money with MaxBounty.

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