Taboola Review 2023 – Best Content Recommendation Platform

Before jumping into Taboola review, firstly I would like to introduce this network. Taboola is a reputed content recommendation platform started in July 2007. The company headquarters primarily in New York, it expanded to other global locations too. Taboola is serving more than 200 billion recommendations to 550 million+ users monthly. The network works with reputed brands like The New York Times, USA Today, BBC, FOX Television, BusinessInsider, The Weather channel, NBC, CafeMom, Forbes, TMZ etc. By seeing the clients list, one could easily understand that Taboola only works with premium content networks.

Undoubtedly, it’s a fast-growing content recommendation platform in the world. Many of the people might have seen ‘Content You May Like’ , ‘Recommended from the Web’ or ‘From the web’ taglines along with links on big sites. Taboola delivered this recommended section below.


Taboola Review:

Taboola review every publisher application before approval. Taboola is very particular about traffic, language and demographics. Being a publisher, you should keep the Javascript on your site to show recommended ads. It’s a hassle-free process. There are no restrictions for publishers to monetize with Taboola. Any niche could do well with their recommended ads.

Taboola has developed its own algorithm ‘Backstage’ to show sponsored links based on behavior and general trends. Publishers could track their earnings and traffic data using Backstage analytics tool. The links are not confined to text itself; they would be showing video content too wherever it’s appropriate.

Advertisers trust Taboola because it helps to boost their site’s traffic. Publishers get benefited from the revenue generation.

Publishers must place the Taboola content recommendation widget right below the content to leverage.


  • Taboola is a great source of revenue for brands or big sites.
  • If readers find the recommendation content useful then they would frequently visit your site.
  • High quality recommendation content from reputable sources.
  • High CTR
  • Responsive widget. It can fit all devices and gadgets.
  • Taboola supports non-English languages.
  • Advanced reporting system
  • Outstanding support


  • Sometimes irrelevant sponsored content may annoy readers. For instance, a technology website showing erotic or celebrities gossips content is a big disaster.
  • Small publishers and bloggers have 0% chances to get approved by Taboola.
  • No referral programs


Taboola pays its publishers on Net 45 basis. The minimum payout is $50 and paid via Payoneer and direct deposit (For international publishers).

Final Conclusion:

Premium sites with at least 500,000-page impressions per month are eligible to join Taboola publisher program. The earnings and CTR purely depend on user behavior, niche, geographical location and traffic.  Taboola needs to improve the algorithm to show much more relevant content. Even though publishers could use Taboola along with other contextual advertising programs it’s better to avoid mingling with Google Adsense. Hope this Taboola review article help publishers to get started.

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