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Online advertising commonly called online marketing or internet ads or web ads is a form of marketing and advertising that uses the Internet to deliver advertising messages or banners to visitors or user. Profit making from the internet relies on adverts. A recent report show that internet advertising revenue surpasses cable television by over 19% and nearly equals broadcasting televisions revenue. With internet adverts penetrating into every industry and every sector of the world, making the most of it is important; that is why Ezoic Ad Tester aids in increasing to your ad revenue.

Ezoic meaning ‘electronic age’ (‘e’ as in email / ‘zoic’ as in age – like Paleozoic) is a Google Certified and world’s largest website improvement platform.  It tests and improves every page of your site – creating new desktop, tablet and mobile pages – to improve user experience as well as advertising income.  Since 2010, it has grown to running over 650 sites, with over 30m visits per month. Ezoic is an essential tool for every business that makes your company work smart. For every start-up web owner or people looking to get more revenue from their website must harness the efficiency of Ezoic Ads Tester.

The Ezoic Ad Tester App helps publishers to optimize ad performance. It allows you to set ‘placeholders’ on your site where ads of different sizes may be tested. The system will test different combinations of ads and sizes on every page and device size.  The combinations that make the most money, while still promoting good user experience will be shown to the majority of your users. As testing ads can be very time consuming, Ezoic Ad Tester lets you test Ads on your website automatically. Ezoic Ad Tester allows testing of the position of ads on your pages, the size of each ad, the color and description of each ad, number of ads to show and how it will be showed thereby doubling your AdSense revenue.

Ezoic goes beyond simple and elementary Cost-per-Thousand (CPM) optimization. Its artificial intelligence maximizes earnings per thousand visitors, which looks at site revenue on a per session basis and takes into account page views per visit.

Many people often as, do I really need to test my ads? The answer is definitely yes! Poor adverts placing can make your visitors get irritated and frustrated. Placing adverts that would make your lose visitors on your website will only reduce your revenue. Research has show that Advert(s) testing increases your revenue by over 60%. With Ezoic Ad Tester, you can be sure to increase your adverts revenue and still make an excellent user experience on your website.

Why Use Ezoic Ad Tester

The problem with ads testing is that are thousands of potential ad combinations on every page and every user prefers a different treatment. Ezoic allows publishers to do try on ad testing on thousands of potential combinations by using simple drag and drop ad placeholders. Ezoic will learn which combinations are best for user experience and deliver tailored treatments to every site visitor.

Ezoic harnesses machine learning to measure and adapt to how user behavior changes per time. Ezoic Ad Tester allows users to control where ads will potentially show, then uses machine learning to know the types, colors, locations, sizes, and density that best suit all your visitors.

Ezoic have real reviews from real users all over the world. These reviews are genuine and published by web publishers that have made increased Ads revenue using the Ezoic Ads tester. Reviews will boost your confidence in using Ezoic. For detailed reviews visit https://www.ezoic.com/ezoic-review/.

How to Integrate Ezoic Ad Tester

In order for Ezoic to test your site’s layout and ad placements, you will need to be integrated with our system. This integration will allow Ezoic to test the new layouts for your site while leaving your original layout and content the same. There are a different ways you can integrate with our system.

Ezoic Testing

  1. Nameservers: The most common (and recommended) method of integration is to point your name servers to Ezoic. Ezoic use Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) with four data centers around the world that serve your site quickly and reliably. All you need to do is update your name servers at your domain’s registrar. This allows Ezoic to sit in between your visitor and your web host, standing as a proxy. Changing name servers does not affect your host and you can continue to work on your site and update the content without interruption.
  2. CloudFlare: Ezoic is a registered partner with CloudFlare, so the moment you already use CloudFlare the integration is very simple. All you need to do is ‘Install’ the CloudFlare app in the Apps section of your Ezoic dashboard. This will allow you to use CloudFlare and Ezoic simultaneously. Cloudflare and Ezoic
  3. JavaScript: Publishers can also integrate by putting a snippet of code provided by Ezoic onto their website. This is not a highly recommended integration method compared with the two stated earlier especially when you have a visitor base of more than 30 visitors per month.

With Ezoic Ad Tester, maximum satisfaction is highly guaranteed but if you are happy with the results integration on Ezoic are 100% reversible. You can remove the integration and your site reverts to its original layout any time.

Setting up Ezoic Ad Tester

After successful integration, the next step is to set up the Ezoic Ad Tester. Setting up Ezoic Ad Tester takes just four (4) simple steps.

  1. Wrap existing ads

Testing your existing adverts allows Ezoic to test your ad placements along with new ones for the percentage of traffic you choose to test with.

How to wrap existing ads:

Ad tester


AD display Unit


  1. Create & add placeholders to the site.

A placeholder is a potential location where you want to place your ad. This means that you can add as many placeholders as you like to the site. Ezoic have found that the more placeholders you add the more options the system has to test, and therefore better results. Ezoic Ad Tester recommends adding at least 8-12 per page, and make sure that you classify them with the correct position type.

Placeholder 2Placeholder 1


  1. Register for Google Double Click Ad Exchange. It is recommended for to sign up for Double Click Ad Exchange to maximize your revenue.. This also allows you to show 5 Google Ads instead of 3 on each page.
  2. Turn on the Ad Tester on all device types, screen size, and start increasing your revenue.

Here is a screenshot on how to turn on or off the Ezoic Ads Tester.

Ad Tester

More steps and information on setting up the Ezoic Ad Tester can be found on https://support.ezoic.com.

How much does it cost to use Ezoic?

Ezoic is the cheapest Ads Tester that site owners or publishers use to double their earnings. If you want to get the most out of Ezoic, you can select cheap plans starting from as low as $45. For making sure you get satisfaction from using Ezoic, you are first rewarded with 30 days of free trial before choosing a plan. After the stipulated 30 days free trial you will be requested to buy a plan or display small adverts at the bottom of your page.

Ezoic cheap plans

How Ezoic Increases Your Revenue

 Ezoic revenue


  1. Automatic Ad Testing

As there are no limits to how much revenue you can make from Ads on your site, with the right Ads Tester, you can make much more money than you can imagine. With Ezoic Ads Tester Artificial Intelligence (AI), you will get automated ad testing that helps to know the place of best fit for your ads. This goes hand in hand with increasing your purse and users/visitors experience.

  1. Custom ads

With Ezoic Ads Tester, you can choose or customized ads for different device screen size. This will allow for efficiency, maximum results and improved user experience.

  1. Placement of Ads Become seamless

With Ezoic Ads tester, you would get your mind off worries of adverts placement. Ezoic does the entire job for you.

  1. Increases Ad Publishers Competition

Ezoic Ads Tester increases Ads publishers’ competition for space on your website, as you will not be limited to one Ads publisher. With Ezoic Ads Tester, you can have ads publishers bidding for ads space on your website and Ezoic choose the highest bidder for you increasing your income.

  1. Increase number of adverts

AdSense has a maximum limit of 3 ad units (while “premium partners” enjoyed serving up to 6 ad units). Ezoic allows use of more than 5ads on your site page. It also places this ads perfectly is a way that does not bug or irritate your page users or visitors.

  1. Works with your existing ad partners, CMS, & site architecture

Ezoic Ads Tester works with your existing ad partners and publishers. With Ezoic you do not need a new site architecture and design

  1. Super simple signup

As Ezoic Ads Tester caters for your ads problems and issues, it also provides an easy and simple sign up.

How am I paid?

Other adverts publishers pays you only through transfer, or Western Union but Ezoic support Check (cheque), Paypal, Dwolla, Direct Deposit (US Only), and International Wire Transfers Via Payoneer. International wire transfers are subject to a 2% currency conversion fee.


To conclude Ezoic is the world’s largest ads testing platform for sites; millions of people have used its technology monthly. Once you are a registered user with Ezoic, it runs a test and shows the best ads that will increase your revenue. Google recommends and encourages Ads optimization and testing, that is why Google gives rights to third parties to help them promote their Ad network. Ezoic ensures that every blank space on website is professional filled with the highest bidding Ads platform.

Do you wish to increase your ads revenue intelligently and smart, and give your visitors or users a better experience, try Ezoic free today!

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