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Studads review

Studads is a contextual advertising network located in US. The revenue models of this ad network are CPC and CPM. That is publishers get paid for all the valid clicks and impressions. It’s a great opportunity for all webmasters and bloggers to monetize their content with this advertising network.

Studads review sites of the publishers prior to approval. Once approved publishers need to add HTML code on their sites to show ads. This ad network ensures to deliver best ad inventory in terms of prices, quality and relevance.

Even advertisers have several benefits using Studads to drive traffic.

How to join Studads as a publisher

  • There are no specific traffic requirements for publishers to join this network.
  • Publishers and bloggers must not host any objectionable content like pornography, piracy, hacking, gambling etc.

Ad formats

There are 3 types of ad formats namely text, photo text and images. Being a publisher you have access to different sizes of banners like 468 x 60, 728 x 90, 120 x 600, 160 x 600, 160 x 400, 120 x 240, 300 x 250, 250 x 250 etc. Publishers can place 3 ad units per page.

Best Features

  • Relaxed terms
  • Easy signup process
  • Global coverage
  • 100% fill rate
  • Ads start showing once code get placed on the site.
  • Publishers can use the same ad units on any number of blogs, whereas in other ad networks it’s not possible.
  • Low minimum payout
  • Timely payments


  • Studads don’t have PayPal payment option. Majority of publishers worldwide use PayPal to receive online income.
  • Only one payment option
  • No referral program


  • Don’t click on your own ads or encourage others to do.
  • It’s illegal to incentivize visitors to generate fake traffic.
  • Don’t use bots or software to manipulate the ads.
  • Don’t ever change the HTML ad code.


Publishers get 80% revenue share from Studads. They get paid on Net 30 basis via Bank wire transfer. The threshold payout is $10.

Final Conclusion :

Small bloggers and publishers can boost their online earnings with Studads advertising network. However the earnings depend on the visitor’s location and niche of the site. Sites having killer content and decent traffic will certainly perform well. Hope this Studads review help others to get started.

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17 Responses

  1. Anyikwa chinonso says:

    Please any payment proof and what cpm rates do they offer??

  2. jobayer says:

    They only offer CPC… CPC rate 0.01-0.07

  3. frhan says:

    Really is great for all affiliate partners and digital marketers. They are earning huge amount by making more sales day by day. I earned 1000$ yesterday

  4. Publisher says:

    They offer PPC / CPC,
    Rates depend on the region of the clicks,
    Clicks on Asian countries rates are: $ 0.05 – $3
    Clicks from European countries: $0.5 – $5
    Clicks from North America: $1 – $7

    These are for valid real human clicks.
    No popups no proxies no fake traffic.

  5. arvind gupta says:

    Really Studads advertising network is the best alternative to AdSense. I am getting paid each month on time. Thanks to StudAds.

  6. Faran says:

    Thank you for review
    At time of registration its asked for PayPal account so I think its pay by PayPal and Payza like Eleavers.

  7. Sam says:

    Studads is the best Adsense alternative so far, they have a decent CPC rate.
    Quite encouraging.

  8. Nandu says:

    Great information.
    Thanq very much about Studads.
    My Adsense got suspended 2 days, don’t why.

    I’m searching other ad networks, hope this is very helpful

  9. Nandu says:

    Suspended for 30 days*

  10. Jonny says:

    this is bots traffic not real , I had used this traffic , do not waste your money guys.

  11. Booka says:

    I’ve found something very suspicious about them, minimum payout is $10 which is great, but i hit $9 balance then all of a sudden no more clicks and earnings accumulating, it’s as if when you approaching the payout threshold the clicks magically stop

  12. Jetadmin says:

    There a scam! When I was due for my first payment they closed my account.

  13. Jayaraj JS says:

    I copied and pasted basic adcode in my site but it show only empty space instead of ads.
    please someone help!!!!!!!!!!


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