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Every blogger and writer on this planet knows that great content helps to rank higher. That doesn’t mean that you should write a killer content for the sake of search engines. Write for humans and think how your content is going to help others. Unhesitatingly great and insightful article ranks well. Before starting to write a  topic make sure that you know it well. Research the topic which is trending and as well as appealing. One must not ignore this thumb rule.  I hope these simple tips help you to get leverage in the long run.

1. Keep the articles short and simple

This is the basic mantra for any type of writing. In contrast to it people get obsessed to write content in 500-1000 words for the sake of search engine rankings. Again it depends on the author’s perspective and topic chosen to write. For instance if you’re writing about ‘how to boil eggs’  or ‘how to format a computer’ the article may end in 250-300 words. Use simple words and keep sentences short. Try to use 1-2 images relevant to the content.

2. Write understandable content

Remember that anyone from any part of the world can get access to your blog or website. Targeting specific audience is good but sometimes people from other countries might be interested in your content or service or business. Losing a potential visitor is sheer stupidity. No one can actually deny it.

Writing content for global audience always help you to get recognized.That doesn’t mean you need to use complex expressions every time. For instance if you’re a laureate in English literature and writes content in your own way then things might not work well. It’s obvious because many people love precise content in simple words. In other words concise content always works well.

3. Maintain relevancy

Some people mix up content with irrelevant topics and links to manipulate keyword rankings.  Remember that Google sniff every incoming and outgoing link on your page. They ban straightaway if  found guilty of doing unusual activities.

For instance, you shouldn’t link your ‘gadget’ keyword to pharmacy site. This is illegitimate in the eyes of Google.

4. Don’t write for the sake of promoting your product or service

Visitors would disappear if you start promoting your products or services aggressively in your articles. Just don’t do it. Write articles which are informative and helpful. Make content damn interesting. Eventually people get attracted to your site or blog. Remember that people would try your product or service only when you gain their trust. It won’t happen overnight. You need to work on it.

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5. Write for readers, not for search engine bots

Undoubtedly SEO is important to rank your articles but keyword stuffing harms more. Writing great content and promoting in intelligent ways certainly helps to rank well. One must understand that at the end of the day quality and informative content matters most.

Genuine bloggers should stay away from event blogging and spamming. You may make few bucks but you’re not going to earn reputation.

6. Write original and unique content

Plagiarizing is a bad practice and just stay away from it. The topic might be written earlier by someone else (e.g. by writers WriteMyPaperHub custom paper writing service) but how you present in your perspective is important. Don’t try to copy and paste other’s content. It’s not restricted to text content alone. If you’re tempted to use copyrighted image then stay safe by mentioning source link.

7. Be controversial

Controversial articles grab more attention than normal posts. Some may agree with your perspective and support you. Others may argue with you on a specific point. Don’t be rude to anyone as everyone has their own opinions. Remember that being controversial every time is boring. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

8. Use internal links

Using own internal links improve credibility of your article. Readers will find them useful and even you gain traffic. Use them efficiently but again over use may make it clumsy. Make sure that all the links open in new windows.

9.  Maintain consistency

Consistency plays a vital role in gaining genuine readership. Try to post your articles very often. Loyal readers don’t think a minute in sharing your future posts with their friends. Always try to stay connected with your readers.

10. Feedback

Enable comments on your blog as feedback is equally important to improve your efficiency. Sometimes people openly criticizes you. If it is a constructive feedback take it to heart or else drop the idea. Comments help to keep up healthy relationship with people. Avoid controversial comments in your posts about your competitors. Be good to everyone is a great mantra.

11. Proofread

Do not forget to proofread your article before publishing it. Double check grammar, headings, sub headings, bullets, numbered lists, spellings and fonts (style) before publishing an article. WordPress users could use Jetpack Proofread writing plugin for it.

Successful mantra: Don’t stop writing useful and quality content for people. Believe me that can do wonders.

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  1. Reginald says:

    Hey man,

    Nice write!

    I think when it comes to writing great content, we need to know exactly what our readers want to read. For example, always provide solution for them to come back more to our writing.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great day ahead!

    • Suresh vurity says:

      Nice to see you Reginald bro. Yes I agree with you. Providing solutions to the readers certainly helps. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. Nathan Ambrose says:

    Hi Suresh.

    That was a nice article. I’m pleased that you mentioned proofreading. Most articles that I read online are riddled with errors. Therefore, I find it difficult to take them as seriously as those that are written with more care.

    • Suresh vurity says:

      Hi Nathan,

      I’m glad you like it. Yes it is annoying to see articles with spelling and grammatical errors. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  3. Alok Vats says:

    Nice post once again Suresh. Really liked the points…

  4. Alok Singhal says:

    Nice comprehensive post on how to write well…well written.

  5. John says:

    Hi Suresh,

    Great article, informative and eye catching.. here you cover all great tips. by which we can easily focus only great content..

  6. Janice Collins says:

    Hello.! It was a really nice post. I am new at blogging. It’s only been few months and I love getting to know about tips to improve my blogging. Thank you for the post. It was nice. =)

    • Suresh vurity says:

      Hello Janice,

      Thanks for stopping by my site. I’m glad you like it. I wish you great success. 🙂

  7. charan says:

    i often visit your site and all your post are really cool and mostly the review of the sites, this post is also have excellent explanation about create a great content all the points are really impressed and indeed should regular posting new unique articles will definitely fetch a new visitors and google loves new content, advantage to of course it will take time but eventually you get paid for your hard work thanks for sharing a useful post.


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