How to choose best web hosting

Linux hosting is known as the  most reliable and stable best web hosting solution to the users.

The main advantages of Linux web hosting are:

  • Linux is free to host.
  • Linux works well with open source softwares like PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Perl, Python etc.
  • Apache web server is free to install
  • Most of the applications and tools which works with Linux hosting is free.
  • Linux is good in terms of security.

On the other side the biggest disadvantage of Linux web hosting is that it is not compatible with Windows-based platforms like ASP and .NET . However in the recent times some open source projects like Apache ASP developed to bring the two platforms under one roof.

Windows hosting is Microsoft’s proprietary platform to host websites. IIS server used as the platform to host sites comes along with Windows OS. But, you need to buy all the supported tools and applications. Windows hosting works well with ASP and .NET architecture. Despite robustness of Windows technology it is less popular when compared to Linux web hosting.

The biggest disadvantage of Windows hosting is its cost.

So if you are going to develop a website using PHP, Ruby on Rails or Perl go with Linux web hosting where as Windows hosting is good for ASP or .Net . Linux web hosting is highly recommendable when you plan to Start a self hosted WordPress blog. is hosted on Linux.

The four types of web hosting are free web hosting, shared web hosting, VPS ( virtual private server ) web hosting and dedicated web hosting.
1. Free web hosting

Your site would be flooded with advertisements and that is really annoying. Isn’t it? Sometimes your site will be down. You should not expect customer support to fix the issue. The features are very limited. Go for free hosting if you have small personal site.

2. Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is the most common and economical method to host websites. Your website will be going to share all the software and hardware resources with the other websites hosted on the web server.

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3. Virtual Private Server (VPS) web hosting

VPS allows to share only hardware resources with other websites hosted on the server.  You have control over server software. VPS hosting is expensive when compared to shared hosting.

4. Dedicated web hosting

You can have dedicated server to host your website. You have full control over server software and hardware. You don’t share anything with others. Dedicated is the most expensive hosting to host. If you want reliable and secured environment then go with dedicated web hosting.

I recommend shared web hosting to starters as it is cheap and reliable.

To get cheap and best web hosting service go for Inmotion hosting

How to choose the best web hosting company

Once you come up with the hosting plan suited for your website there are 6 factors you need to look before choosing the best web hosting company.

1. Research about the companies that provides great hosting service. Read the reviews on forums and official social networking pages.

2. Site uptime is the major factor you should look upon. The website should work fine 24×7 or else you may lose traffic and reputation.

3.  If you show interest in a specific best web hosting company make sure the sites hosted by it load faster. Don’t compromise with the site performance as it is the key aspect in drawing visitors to your site.

4. Customer service is another important aspect to look upon. They should offer the services at any time. If your website is down for some reasons they should fix the issue as soon as possible.

5. Don’t just fall for the cheap hosting prices. Remember that it is the quality and support which matters the most.

6.  Most of the users don’t read the terms and conditions of the web hosting company. Please go through the TOS ( Terms of service) policy before buying the hosting plan.

I hope these things help you in choosing the best web hosting.

4 thoughts on “How to choose best web hosting

  1. This was a very informative blog post. I was wondering about the free web hosting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Maketta,
    Thanks for stopping by my post and I am glad you liked it. Free web hosting has its own disadvantages. So if you want to run a successful blog or website it is always good to take paid hosting. 🙂

  3. Hi Suresh

    There is one more term which is around for a while in web hosting industry and that is cloud hosting. Although Cloud hosting is a part of virtual hosting but still all those web hosts are promoting it in a different way. You may also add the term in your list.

    Tauseef Alam

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