Click2Sell Review – Build Banner Ad Campaigns Like A Pro

There is no need to place much emphasis on the fact that marketing remains the core of any business that is successful out there.

Nonetheless, many people that have worked (or still working) in the digital marketing field are not so much, and this may pose a challenge to not just design but also building highly effective advertising campaigns and knowing where to publish them.

In this Click2Sell Review, we’ll discuss this new platform and marketplace (visit it at designed to help marketers easily build and design banner advertising campaigns from scratch. Let’s dive in!

What Is the Click2Sell Platform?

On a general note, the Click2Sell platform is referred to as a self-service advertising platform that has been created to aid both expert marketers and beginners (i.e., newbie marketers) to design their own banner ad campaigns.

In other words, the platform helps them create advertising campaigns in a user-friendly way and within a short timeframe. Those who are interested in working from the comfort of their homes can now discover newer ways of doing such in a bid to make more money.

The banner ad campaigns designed on the Click2Sell platform will be published on a list of third-party sites, promoting products of successful brands.

How Can You Make Money Using the Platform?

When using the Click2sell advertising platform and marketplace to promote the products of those highly-popular brands, marketers can make money in two main ways. These include:

  • PPC (pay-per-click) – Whenever a person clicks on a certain banner ad, the user produces a profit. In other words, the more clicks that a user’s ad gets, the more money they can generate.
  • PPA (pay-per-acquisition) – The user (i.e., marketer) receives roughly 85% of the commission that is paid for every sale produced by their campaign.

For instance, you set up a banner ad in the fashion group; if a user clicks on the ad and buy something from the Zara fashion house, you get to earn a commission.

Note that, as you create your campaigns, you can review all of the results of your previous campaigns in the detailed user dashboard.

How Can You Start Advertising?

To begin advertising on the Click2Sell platform, you will have to sign up first and make your initial deposit into its system. Note that the lowest deposit amount is $250.

There are three packages you can select from which include:

     *    Silver

The most basic account, which requires a low investment of $250, and provides roughly up to 250,000 web impressions around the world.

  • Gold

In this package, the investment required begins at $1500, and it provides up to 1,250,000 web impressions across the globe, premium publishers sites, personal account manager, etc.

  • Diamond

In this package, the investment required begins at $4500, and it provides up to 7.5 million web impressions, a personal account manager, one on one coaching call, etc.

Nonetheless, before you can start advertising on the Click2Sell platform, first of all, you must create a campaign. To launch an advertising campaign, you will have to click on the “Create new campaign” button and fill out all your campaign details.

You will have to:

  • Name the campaign
  • Set up a budget for the campaign, which will include the number of web-impressions you desire.
  • Place a time frame for this campaign to operate (as from two weeks and up to five months).
  • Choose an eye-catching headline for your banner ad.

When it comes down to the content section, you will have to select a category for the ad campaign, and the categories vary from:

  • Betting systems
  • Games
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Investing and business
  • Internet and computers
  • Sports

You can select an already made banner ad and then decide on the wording that will be displayed on it by yourself. The Click2sell platform provides a wide variety of tools to make the process simple and straightforward. Additionally, users can preview the advertising campaign and banner ad before it gets launched.

Wrapping It Up

The Click2sell advertising platform provides everyone with an opportunity to make an extra income as they work from the comfort of their homes. Keep in mind that this is not another get-rich-quick scheme, and every user must take into account that it takes commitment and perseverance to achieve the best results.

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