Crypto-Games Review : Online Cryptocurrency Trading Simulation Game – Altcoin Fantasy

You may have heard of simulators – a model that allows you to take some aspect of a real life situation and model it (simulate it) then change different variables so you can observe the outcomes. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, there are now many cryptocurrency trading simulators.

Why Play A Crypto Trading Simulator Game

Because cryptocurrencies are new, they are also very volatile and there are many scam projects. For those who want to invest, it can be difficult to judge which cryptocurrencies are worthwhile investments, especially if you aren’t familiar with blockchain technology. It’s also a long and arduous process to register for a wallet on an exchange, fund your account then finally purchase some crypto. Funding your account can sometimes take up to two weeks and if you’re funding with a credit card, the fees can be extremely high. This is a huge amount of work for someone who may only be curious about crypto and would like to learn more before they invest money into purchasing crypto.

Enter crypto trading simulators. They allow people to practice crypto trading with no risk of losing money. As cryptocurrencies are new, there aren’t as many crypto simulators as stock trading simulators. However, one of the best crypto trading simulators is Altcoin Fantasy. It’s realistic and incorporates up to the minute pricing from exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, OkEX and many more. It also allows you to practice trading with access to the same coin sets as real exchanges, unlike many of the other crypto simulators out there which only allow you to trade the top 10 most popular coins.

This fantasy crypto game allows you to make fantasy crypto picks and then test the performance of those trades over time. This is the perfect way to practice your trading risk free before potentially losing money on a real exchange. Best of all, Altcoin Fantasy, unlike other crypto simulators out there, award their top players with real prizes such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BRD Wallet tokens, Cryptokitties, TradingView subscriptions and much more. Think of it as fantasy sports picking but for cryptocurrencies, free to play and with real prizes.

How Altcoin Fantasy Works

Altcoin Fantasy partners with companies for free weekly contests to give away prizes. Players start with a fantasy crypto portfolio which they will do crypto “paper” trading with. During the contest period, players will make crypto picks with their fantasy portfolio and at the end of the contest, the top players (sometimes up to 100) will win prizes. Altcoin Fantasy has given away over $20,000 USD in prizes to date.

How to Get Started with Altcoin Fantasy

It’s easy to get started. Just register for an Altcoin Fantasy account then join a contest. It’s free to play and there are always multiple contests going on. Altcoin Fantasy has a web app and is also available on Android and iOS.

Best Features of Altcoin Fantasy

  • Free to play
  • Realistic, up to the minute crypto prices with the same coin sets as real exchanges
  • Weekly fun sponsored contests
  • Compete against top players worldwide and test your skills
  • Real prizes such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BRD Wallet tokens and more
  • Risk free!
  • Team is quick to respond and implements feature suggestions quickly

Contact Info

E-Mail : [email protected]

You can follow Altcoin Fantasy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Final Conclusion

Altcoin Fantasy is a fun way to learn about and practice crypto trading in a realistic way. Players are also rewarded for improving their skills and becoming top traders. Try this fantasy crypto game today and try your hand at improving your fantasy crypto picking skills so you can win prizes.

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