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A2 Hosting offers the best hosting environment for the most popular web CMS software; WordPress. WordPress performs better when hosted on an optimized hosting server. A2 Hosting offers two different hosting plans that are packed with amazing features; Shared and Managed WordPress hosting. Both hosting plans are designed to meet different web hosting needs, and people really get confused when choosing one out of them, to avoid such confusions next time you are choosing, both of them will be reviewed.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting offers an option where your WordPress website will be hosted on the same server with other websites, your website shares the available server resources along with others. Though you may not know the total number of other websites sharing the server with you, they may be hundreds to thousands. There is no downside to this hosting plan than overwhelming the available resources due to multiple usages at the same time.

When you purchase a Shared hosting plan, you have the full responsibility of maintaining it. These maintenance include security, backup, scalability, updates, etc. all these tasks must be done by you and you are responsible for finding tools to perform them.

Managed WordPress Hosting

On this type of plan, a server and its resources is leased to a single client i.e. the website hosted is isolated with all the resources it needs to run smoothly. The type of server used in this plan is called “dedicated server”. Let us compare Shared and Managed hosting to “regular” and “VIP”. The shared plan only gets the hosting space and other basic resources while Managed gets more resources, more supports or generally more dedication.

Managed VS Shared

Both plans will be compared and contrasted based on the following;


Shared WordPress Hosting can be controlled via Cpanel Control Panel interface, though you have access and can control every aspect of your website, every task has to be performed manually. Managed WordPress Hosting comes with Plesk Control Panel; a control panel that allows you to automate almost every task found on WordPress, with this control panel you can set tasks into motion and be rest assured that they will be performed at the scheduled time.


WordPress and some key components have been set up on WordPress Managed Hosting plan whereas you have to set it up manually on the Shared WordPress Hosting plan.


They are both fast but Managed WordPress Hosting is faster, this may due to pre-installed plugins such like WordPress LiteSpeed Cache on the Managed WordPress Hosting plan.

A2 optimized

Both hosting plan servers have been optimized by A2 Hosting experts.


Backups on Shared WordPress Hosting have to be done manually, while on Managed Hosting plan, you can schedule it to be done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or any other period that suits you.

Developer tools

There are more developer tools and support to enjoy on Managed WordPress Hosting plan e.g. Site Staging.

Premium WordPress Plugins/themes

When you purchase Managed WordPress Hosting on A2 Hosting you will have access to vast themes and plugins which you normally pay for on other hosting plans. e.g. Free JetPack personal license.

If for any reason Managed WordPress Hosting is not for you, they also offer a variety of other services. With services ranging from standard Shared Hosting to Fully Managed VPS Hosting to Dedicated Servers, rest assured they have something for everyone.

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