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I feel today as a very special day. The reason is I got to know about a wonderful  company, Buy Me A Coffee. At first I thought it as a fund raising company like Gofundme. Nope, I was wrong. They do not do crowdfunding. The Buy me a coffee value the creators and love the supporters. I will explain why I said these lines. If you are a creator, then you can monetize in 2 ways : 1. You can receive the monetary support from the supporters. 2. You will get paid for your work. I will let you know more details about it.

What Is Buy Me A Coffee?

As I said before, the Buy Me A Coffee a.k.a. BMC works with creators and supporters. If you are a creator, then BMC will let you create your own page for free. It doesn’t take much time. Anyone can create a page effortlessly. I will put the screenshots so that you can get started.

How Can You Join The Buy Me A Coffee? (Step By Step)

Step 1 : Go to For creating your own page, Click on Start my page.

buy me a coffee start my page

Step 2 : The next step is creating your account. Once you fill all the fields, click on Create account.

buy me a coffee create an account

Step 3 : The third step is confirming your age.

buy me a coffee confirm age

Step 4 : Select your country and click Continue.

buy me a coffee country

Step 5 : Now it is time to choose the payment option. Remember that the Stripe is available in only 25 countries. Where as the PayPal is operating in almost every country. You can give your payment option right away or skip for later.

buy me a coffee payment options

Step 5 : Once you set up your payment option, you will get access to the dashboard. Now it is the time to create your page. Check out my Buy Me A Coffee page for clarity. Once you are done with everything, click Save changes.

buy me a coffee dashboard

Once you create your own Buy me a coffee page, the link will look like this The page would be looking like this as shown in the image :

buy me a coffee

The supporters can either donate you one-time or monthly. The coffee is a term used for the monetary help. You may ask me why they help you in the first place. There is no guarantee for receiving donations. Despite having thousands of page views, you may end up with zero earnings. It depends on the supporter’s mindset. If they find you authentic and creative, they will surely donate you. One must remember that people love creativity. At the end of the day, your work speaks.

As you can see in the image, there are sharing options. You can share your BMC page on the Facebook and Twitter. So, if someone likes your work, they will donate you. You can edit your page anytime.

How Does The Buy Me A Coffee Concept Work?

As I said earlier, the supporters mainly look at your work. I have seen hundreds of open source developers on the Buy Me A Coffee. There are platforms like GitHub that support these campaigns. Apart from developers, the BMC welcomes the YouTube creators, writers, artists, bloggers and many. The minimum amount that supporters donate is $3. However you can set to $4 or $5. The maximum amount is $5. The payment options are PayPal and Bank transfer or Stripe (25 countries). Being a creator, you will get 95% revenue share and Buy me a coffee will take 5%.

Buy me a coffee options

This is how you can earn from donations. Now let us look at the other option called Coffeelinks.

The Coffeelinks mainly rewards your work. For example, you are selling an E-book. Create a Coffeelink URL with your selling link. It is similar to the URL shortening. Share this coffeelink on social media and E-mail. When someone clicks it and takes action, you get paid.

Buy me a coffee coffeelinks

You can also add a buy me a coffee button on your website. Go to Dashboard and click the Create your button.

Buy me a coffee create your button

You can customize your button. Please see the image below.


Buy me a coffee create your button2

Once you finish creating the button, copy the HTML code and paste it on your site. Place it wherever you desire.

Do The Buy Me A Coffee Available On The WordPress?

Yes, there is a Buy Me A Coffee WordPress plugin. You can manage everything from your dashboard.

Buy me a coffee wordpress

What Are The Best Features Of The Buy Me A Coffee?

  • For creating your page, you do not need pay anything to Buy me a coffee. It is absolutely free.
  • Setting up the page takes hardly 2 minutes. You can start immediately. There are no specific requirements for having your page.
  • The Buy Me A Coffee is available in over 200 countries.
  • You can set up Buy me a coffee on your Medium page.
  • You can rename the term Coffee to anything you like. For example, pizza.
  • There is no minimum payout. You will receive payments instantly.
  • The creator can track views, coffee transactions and revenue in the real time.
  • When it comes to the support, it is the best. If you need any help, then reach them at [email protected]

What Is The Conclusion?

One must join the Buy me a coffee for using both donation page as well as coffeelinks. If you are a creator, then please share your experiences. Hope this review help the people for getting started.

Give a try to the Buy me a coffee

Images : Buy Me A Coffee

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