Is Earning From URL Shortening Still A Best Option In 2022?

I am going to talk about the URL shortening in this post. For earning through the ads, you either need a blog or a YouTube channel. You do not need anything for earning through the URL shortening. It is a simple method to earn money. Unlike affiliate marketing, you do not need to put any effort.

How To Make Money With URL Shortening?

There are hundreds of URL shortening networks where you can earn the decent cash. Coming to earning money, you have to shorten link with any of the shortening networks. After getting the shrinked link, make sure to promote it everywhere. When someone clicks on it and views the ad for few seconds, you get paid. The minimum time to view the ad depends on the network.

You must remember that not all shorteners will fetch money. The best example is

Can You Make A Living On URL Shortening?

This question is bit tricky. One must not rely completely on something because there is no guarantee of anything. If you do not have a blog or website, then you can join 4-5 high paying URL shortening networks. Some of them allow adult links too. They will pay high. You do not put any efforts, other than sharing them on the social media. The downside is Facebook and Twitter doesn’t allow certain links. In that case, you cannot earn. However you can earn from other sources.

How Can You Promote The Shortened Links?

You can promote the shortened links using the following ways :

  • You can share on your social media accounts.
  • If you are a blogger, then place the links in the blog posts or in the homepage.
  • The YouTube channel owners can place the links in the descriptions.

How Can You Make Money Other Than URL Shortening?

If you had joined hundreds of URL shorteners, then it is really difficult for you to use all of them. Instead you can earn money from the affiliate programs. The best advantage is that many of them offers the affiliate program.

What Is The Final Conclusion?

One can make money from shortening URL even in 2019. You might be not earning tons by shortening URL but definitely you can make substantial income. If you have any thoughts or experiences, then please share in the comments section. Hope this article help the newbies for getting started.

The best URL shortening websites for making money are and

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