Gainurl Review : Protect And Make Money From Your URL

Gainurl Review: Protect and Make Money from Your URL

Gainurl is a service where you can protect the shortened URL as well as make money out of it. It is cool, isn’t it? There are many URL shortening services which don’t offer any protection. The protection is against bots. The tool used in this process is Captcha. There are certain guidelines for members who want to monetize with this service.


Requirements for users to use Gainurl URL shortening service

  • The users must neither shorten adult pages nor link to them.
  • The users must not shorten sites containing viruses, spam, malware, spyware and adware content.
  • This service takes copyright laws seriously. Make sure that you have full rights on the URLs that you shorten.
  • The users must not have multiple accounts. Your account might be at risk if you try to cheat the system.
  • The users must not drive traffic using bots, proxies, PTC sites, traffic exchanges and auto refreshing sites.
  • The users must not offer money or gifts to click on shortened link.

How Gainurl work for you?

The users can have access to the following 3 tools:

Quick Link: It is a simple way to shorten links. You just enter your URL and get the shortened link.


Mass Shrinker: As the name suggests users can shrink 20 URLs at a time.

Mass shrinker

API: GainURL has come up with an API solution for developers. You receive the response in JSON format.

Once you shrink the desired URL you could promote it via E-mail or social networks. The visitors have to undergo Captcha test to unlock the content. Finally, you get paid.


The users get paid on request basis. The minimum payout is $5. The payment option is PayPal.

Referral Program

You could also earn extra money by referring others. The referral commission is 20%.

Best Features

  • Hassle free process.
  • You can protect your shrinked link from bots as well as make money.
  • WordPress plugin
  • Best rates
  • Timely payments
  • Real time reporting system
  • Multiple tools
  • Referral system
  • Dedicated support

Final Conclusion

Gainurl is the best destination to make money online. The rates depend on the visitor’s location. You can check payout rates for better ideas. The users who have tried this service can share their experiences below. We hope this Gainurl review helps people to get started.

Join this service and start making money

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