GainURL Series 1 : How Publishers Can Make Money

GainURL Series 1 : How Publishers Can Make Money

GainURL is a URL shortening network based in UK. In this series I would like to cover how publishers can take maximum advantage of this URL shortening network. Here the publishers that I’m referring is bloggers and webmasters.

There are hundreds of URL shortening services where the “skip ad” could be compromised. Having a Captcha is beneficial for the shortened link.

How webmasters can shorten their links using GainURL service

  1. The webmasters registered with Gainurl can use API or Quicklink option to shrink the URLs. The best trick is to link the “Call to action” buttons to shortened URL. For instance you are webmaster of a movie site and you can link “Click here to watch movie” button to the shortened link. The format of shortened link is You can see the example of the image below.


If you want to use GainURL on your site you can simply use Script Generator tool. You can find this option in Tools section. It is a hassle free process. Simply copy and paste the Javascript code on your site. However there is a facility to include or exclude certain URLs while an use clicks on Internal/External link. Apart from it you can also include special URLs.

2. You can also insert GainURL links between the pages within an article. You can find sites where there could be multiple pages say 4-5 within the article. When a reader tries to see the article he/she may get redirected to Recaptcha page. Once the visitor passes it you get paid. It’s really cool. Isn’t it? Please find the image below to get clear idea.

Gainurl Between pages

3. There is a whole advantage of using on landing or affiliate pages. You can simply use API tool here. When some one wants to take action on these type of pages they will get redirected to GainURL Recaptcha. Once the visitor passes the Captcha test he will be redirected to the merchant page. It is so simple. Please find the screenshot below.


How WordPress publishers can shorten their links using GainURL service

Many URL shortening services are not offering a plugin for WordPress users. Having a WordPress plugin to monetize your URLs is a great idea. So, I assume that you are a WordPress user and want to know how you can shorten links. Before getting started make sure that you have account on GainURL. Once you get registered please follow the following steps :

Method 1 : Go to GainURL WordPress Plugin page and download it. Upload the downloaded zip file by using upload plugin option. Press Install now and later activate it.

Gainurl wordpress download

gainurl plugin install

Method 2 : You can directly search for GainURL keyword and activate it.

Keyword search Gainurl

The WordPress can either use method 1 or method 2 to install the plugin. Once you get done installing it open the GainURL option.

You could see the following 2 sections under the option :

  • Main Settings : To enable the plugin the wordpress user must paste the API token. You could also control the frequency of Captcha. To make good revenue the users must select the once per session option.
  • Type reCAPTCHA : You can exclude specific URLs and domains when someone click on internal links and external links respectively. You can also redirect to desired URLs when someone clicks on special links.


Final Conclusion

The WordPress bloggers (Not and webmasters can make decent income with GainURL shortening service. The bloggers and site owners who have tried this service can share their experiences below.

Webmasters join this service and start earning

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