GainURL Series 2 : How Users Can Make Money Shortening Links


GainURL Series 2 : How Users Can Make Money Shortening Links

In GainURL series 1 I have covered how publishers can shorten links and make money. In this series I would cover about how users can take advantage of GainURL service.

How to share shrinked links for making money

You can promote shrinked links via social networks, email newsletters and chat rooms to make money. Remember that you must not spam the links. For instance you have a Facebook page or group then share your shrinked along with a small description (4 lines) relevant to it. Make it more creative and appealing. Your description must not be lengthy or boring. Tell how any one can make money with GainURL. So the same strategy applies to all social networks and chat rooms. Please don’t share with uninteresting people. They may report your posts. If you don’t have any group or page then it is no late to create it. You can also share links with your E-mail subscribers. Share interesting stuff along with GainURL shortened link. This way you can fetch more income.

Gainurl captcha

Once you login into your account you find the following features:

  • Dashboard : Under dashboard you find 2 options, Statistics and Links statistic. You can know your revenue, CPM and views using Statistics option. Where as you can see performance of links in Links statistic section.

Gainurl dashboard

  • Manage links : In this section you can find all shrinked and hidden links.
  • Withdraw : Here users can see the pending, approved and complete payment status. Apart from your regular earning you could also find referral income on this page. You can withdraw the pending revenue. Remember that the threshold payout is $5. It is not possible for users to withdraw amount less than $5.
  • Tools : The users can have access to the 4 tools namely QuicklinkMass Shrinker, Developers API and Script generator. The quicklink tool is very easy to use. You can straightaway shrink the desired URL. Please make sure that the URL doesn’t violate any laws. You can refer this GainURL review guide for reference. You can shorten 20 URLs at a time using Mass shrinker tool. Developers API tool is very helpful for both techies and non-techies. The WordPress bloggers can simply use API token to access the account.

Script Generator :  In this section the users can have Javascript code to add to their sites to shrink all the links automatically. You can adjust the frequency of Captcha. You can also include and exclude specific URLS when someone click on internal and external links respectively.

  • Referrals : In this section you can find your referral link and referrals list.
  • Settings : In this section you can edit your profile including payment info, change your E-Mail and password.

Final Conclusion

The users must give it a try to GainURL network. Hope this GainURL series 2 help users to get started.

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