Review : Make Money Shortening And Sharing Links is a URL network based in Spain. The revenue models of this network are URL shortener and CPM. It is a great alternative to CPMLink URL shortening network. review all activities of publishers.

Terms And Conditions For Publishers To Join And Use URL Shortening Network

  • Do not place short URLs on any form of traffic exchange / PTC / faucets / autosurf website / click ring.
  • Generating impressions using bots, proxies, auto-refreshes or other surreptitious methods.
  • Obtaining impressions by paying directly or indirectly other people for link visits.
  • Serving intermission ads in popups.
  • Do not send users to our short URLs unwillingly outside of the Auto Overlay Script.
  • Do not send popup / popunder / exit pop / interstitial traffic to short URLs.
  • Poor traffic performance.
  • Disabling the Site’s anti-frame system to display your links in an iframe.
  • Hacking other websites illegally to display or your links.
  • Embedding your links in malware or programs without user consent.
  • Distributing illegal content or child pornography.
  • Unwelcome spamming of other sites without permission using your links.
  • Do not spoof referrers, send blank referrers, or falsify referrers. All traffic sources must be verifiable through referrers.
  • Incorrectly categorising your link content as adult or non-adult.

Terms Credit : Shink


The publishers can have access to the following tools :

  • Mass Shrinker
  • Quick Link
  • API
  • Full Page Script
  • Entry Script
  • WordPress plugin
  • Integration

Payment Info

The publishers would get paid on Bi-monthly basis. The payment options are PayPal and Payza. The minimum payout is $5.

Referral Program

The publishers can make extra income by referring others to this network. The rate of commission is 10%.

Best Features Of URL Shortening Network

  • Competitive rates
  • Timely payments : The publishers would receive their earnings on time.
  • Referral system
  • Dedicated support

Final Conclusion works well for all types of traffic. The rates per 1000 views ranges from $1.50 to $4.65. The publishers who have used this URL shortening network can share their experiences below. You can also send payment proof.

Join This URL Shortening Network And Start Making Money

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