Vimeo Monetization Review : Sell Videos And Get Rewards

I am going to talk about the Vimeo monetization in this post. The Vimeo is one of the popular video sharing platform. It is known for their ad-free services. Do you have the video business or a business that rely on videos? If yes, then the Vimeo helps in building your video business. You could be a professional or a business, they have solutions for you. Let us look at how they work.

How Does The Vimeo Video Monetization Work?

The Vimeo monetization is a premium service. So, you cannot monetize your video content without paying subscription fee. There are 2 methods for monetizing your videos :

  • Video streaming service
  • Vimeo on demand

What Is The Video Streaming Service? (Subscription Service – OTT)

The Vimeo OTT  lets you start your own subscription service. You can monetize your videos by charging subscribers. The Vimeo gives you all the tools to launch and grow. You just need to create engaging and compelling video content. Let us look at their features :

  • The Vimeo video player is top class that keeps the videos clean and non-buffering.
  • Undoubtedly the Vimeo is one of the best over-the-top streaming platform.
  • The subscribers can take advantage of the branded apps for mobile and smart TVs.
  • You will have the access to the top third-party apps for the best user experience. The video owners can also use API.
  • You can embed the metadata effortlessly. Even the adding of videos made easy.
  • The Vimeo allows you to go live for your audience.
  • The publishers can easily customize the content, apps and checkout page. The payments of the subscribers are handled very securely.
  • You can track your subscribers data including the payments in the dashboard.
  • You get the best and dedicated support from the Vimeo team.

Please find the pricing below :

Vimeo OTT pricing
Image : Vimeo OTT

What Are The Eligible Countries For Joining The Vimeo OTT?

Please find the eligible countries list below :

Vimeo OTT countries

What Are The Pros Of The Video Streaming Service?

  • Create the video content and relax. The vimeo team will take care of the following things : Development, app store submissions, migration, support and many.
  • You get the dedicated team to support you in all phases. Ask them and they will be there for you always.
  • You can go live anytime and use as many apps you can.
  • The Vimeo monetization made simple. The creators can make money from the pay per view events and selling subscriptions. You can also offer free trials to your subscribers.
  • You can manage and track everything from your dashboard.

 Join Vimeo OTT

What Is Vimeo On Demand? (Selling Or Renting Videos)

The On demand is the best Vimeo monetization option for making money. You can rent or sell videos, movies, documentaries or web series. The best part is that you can have the control over the price. You can set it and Vimeo gives you 90% revenue share. For selling videos, you must be a member of any of these plans : Pro, Business and Premium.

What Are The Vimeo Monetization Requirements? (Vimeo On Demand)

  • You must be a member of the Vimeo Pro.
  • One must select the premier or best videos for selling.
  • The Vimeo needs an active PayPal account.
  • Make sure that you have the best poster and trailer. They will drive people to watch your videos.

What Are The Best Features Of The Vimeo On Demand?

  • You can sell any standard (360 px) video.
  • The creators get 90% revenue share.
  • You can sell via desktop, mobile web, and Roku.
  • The monetization options are renting, buy and subscribing.
  • You can track everything on the dashboard.
  • The creators can integrate API for the best user experience.
  • You will have access to lot of third-party tools.

How And When Will You Get Paid?

The payments are made every month. You will receive the payment via PayPal.

Start selling videos using Vimeo on demand

What Are The Alternatives For The Vimeo Monetization? (With Reviews)

Check out these alternatives and reviews :

Vimeo VS YouTube Monetization (Comparison) :

  • The Vimeo being a premium service gives the best support. Whereas YouTube being free, doesn’t have any support.
  • In YouTube, you need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watched hours. Coming to the Vimeo monetization, you do not have such restrictions.
  • The YouTube supplies up to 5 ads (display+video) for a 1 hour video. In some cases the number could be more. While coming to the Vimeo, they do not give importance to ads.
  • While coming to the exposure, the YouTube is huge compared to Vimeo. At the time of writing, more than 11 billion watch YouTube monthly. This is huge, isn’t it? While Vimeo attracts nearly 68 million monthly visitors.
  • The YouTube is free where as Vimeo is a premium service.

What Are The Cons Of The Vimeo Monetization?

  • The Vimeo monetization comes for a price. You need to pay a fee for getting the premium features and support. The Vimeo argues that unlike YouTube, they do not show ads everywhere. They also assure that they don’t take the videos down or ban the accounts. I agree with their perception but why should someone pay for getting paid. On the other hand YouTube is absolutely free and anyone can monetize with their copyright free content.

Does The Vimeo Has A Referral Program?

Yes, they are offering a referral program. Apart from the Vimeo monetization, you get rewarded for referring people. Promote the Vimeo on Email, Facebook or Twitter. Whenever someone signup for the annual Plus, PRO, or Business membership, you get $50 Amazon gift card.

What Is The Conclusion?

The Vimeo monetization is ideal for creative video content creators. If you had used Vimeo OTT or On demand, then please share your experiences. Hope this review help the people for getting started.

Give a try to the Vimeo monetization

2 thoughts on “Vimeo Monetization Review : Sell Videos And Get Rewards

  1. Loved the post 🙂 Prior to this, I didn’t know much about Vimeo, let me try it out.
    Currently I’m using only Youtube for my videos (couldn’t get much traction with Daily Motion).

    1. Glad that you like my post Amit. If you have some budget, then try Vimeo. Are you monetizing on YouTube? If yes, then how is your earnings so far? 🙂

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