Amazon Affiliate Marketing (2022) : Pros And Cons Revealed

I am going to talk about the Amazon affiliate marketing in this post. In the earlier days of the Internet, the Google was the search giant and Amazon was the E-commerce giant. Everyone was looking at Amazon whenever they want some book or product. I remember when my friends living in US asked me if I need something to order from Amazon. Today there are many websites for ordering any product. But, I still believe Amazon is unbeatable. At least for a decade.

The Amazon associates program was launched in 1998. What it is about? It is nothing but the Amazon affiliate marketing. You might be knowing about the affiliate marketing. If you do not know, then let me tell you about it first. The affiliate marketing involves selling products and services of merchants. For that you have to place the banners on websites or text links wherever necessary. When someone opens the referral link and purchases or completes lead, you get the commission. You can find thousands of affiliate programs in hundreds of niches.

The Amazon affiliate marketing is significant among others. Why should someone choose Amazon affiliate program over others? The reason is simple. The Amazon is the most trusted brand ever created in the history of Internet. When you look at the company’s progress since it’s inception, it is simply incredible. It is not easy to build so much of the trustworthiness. It takes lots of efforts.

Coming to the Amazon affiliate marketing program, tens of thousands of people are earning substantial income every month. I personally know many people who are living on the Amazon affiliate income.

How Can You Join The Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

For joining as a Amazon affiliate, go to this page, click join now, fill all the fields and submit. The existing users can directly sign in. You will get the instant access to the Amazon affiliate program. There is no waiting time. You do not need to attend any interview.

What Is The Amazon Affiliate Marketing Commission Structure?

The commission rates vary from country to country. Please check the commissions of below :

Amazon commission structure
Image :

Being a Amazon associate, you will earn when someone gets redirected to, purchases and the product gets dispatched. While going to, it cannot be necessarily home page always. It can be any page, search or product.

What Are The Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tips And Tricks?

  • I just love Amazon SiteStripe feature. This tool lets you to get links from any Amazon page. The beauty of this feature is that you would get Text, Image and Text+Image. From text option, you get both short and full links. The Text+Image includes banner and text. You can also share the link on Facebook and Twitter from the toolbar itself. If you do not need this toolbar, you can disable it from the settings. 

Amazon affiliate marketing Sitestripe

  • If you do not have group in Facebook, then it is a time to have one. Invite your coworkers, friends and family members. Participate in useful discussions and share the product links whenever necessary.
  • Many people have created websites or blogs for monetizing with Amazon affiliate marketing program. If you had built a niche blog, then there are few things to remember while promoting the affiliate links. Please do not post product links alone. I have seen many people posting the product’s description and links. This is a bad practice. No one would come to your website if you do not offer any useful content. For example, you are interested in hair care. Then create a blog related to hair care. Write compelling blog posts around this niche and recommend the best hair care products from Amazon. The people would be really interested in your recommended products only when they like your content.
  • The best place for marketing the amazon products is YouTube. Do you know that millions of YouTube creators are earning tons of money from Amazon? Please remember to create engaging videos. The same rules that I discussed above applies here too. Whether it is a blog or YouTube, the content plays a significant role. You can review any specific product. Do not forget to leave the Amazon product links in the description. At the end of the video, you must notify people to check the links given in the description.
  • If you are a WordPress site owner, then installing affiliate themes would really help in increasing sales.
  • The other best tip is building connections. Make strong relationships with like minded people. Whenever they need something from the Amazon, give them your affiliate link.
  • Take advantage of the regional festivals. The Amazon gives best offers on special days. You can let your subscribers about the best offers.

How To Link Products In The Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

  • Native shopping ads : It is similar to the AdSense native ads. This widget will display the best recommendations to the users. It will definitely increase the sales.
  • Banners : You can select the banners from any category. It is one of the best way to promote product links. However the flash banners may not work in mobiles.
  • Product links : You can search the products based on keyword or ASIN/ISBN. Once you find the right product, you can get the HTML code of the product link.
  • Mobile popover : As the name suggests, this feature works for the mobile traffic. Once you paste the JavaScript code on your blog or website, the popover will be shown on the smartphones.
  • Link to any page : This feature can be set up by selecting product line and sub category. You can put your desired name to the link.

Earn With Amazon Bounty Program :

Do you know that you can earn with the bounty program? The bounty program is a part of the Amazon affiliate marketing. Apart from earning for sales, you can also earn from the signing up of services. It works on the cost per lead model. Some of the services are Prime video, audible, baby registry, music, wedding registry and many.

What Is The Payment Method Of The Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

At the time of writing this post, there are three payment options :

  • Direct deposit : This facility is available for only 52 countries. The minimum payout is $10. Please check the supported countries in the image below :
amazon direct deposit countries
Image :
  • gift card : You can receive the payout in the form of gift card. The minimum payout is $10. You can use this balance for the shopping.
  • Check : You must reach at least $100 for receiving payment through the Check. It is useful for those countries that are unavailable for receiving payouts through the direct deposit. They may deduct $15 towards the processing fee. If you did not receive the $100 threshold, then your earnings will be rolled out for next month. Please remember that you will not receive the payment until you give the tax information.

What Are The Pros Of The Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

  • The Amazon is a trusted brand. So, the people would get convinced easily.
  • Easy to get started. You will get instant approval.
  • Getting the product links and banners is very easy. You can search the products based on keywords.
  • You get paid for every conversion.
  • The Amazon affiliate program is compatible with the AdSense.
  • You can earn up to 10% commission.
  • The Product Advertising API lets you integrate Amazon products into your website.
  • You can track your performance in the real time. The reports includes orders, earnings, link type, referrals, tracking ID summary, daily trends and payment history.

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What Are The Cons Of The Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

  • The commission rates are less compared to many affiliate programs.
  • It works only for the specific audience. For example, you are targeting US audience. When someone from Australia purchased a product from your link, you do not get any commission.
  • The Amazon doesn’t offer PayPal as the payment option.

Points To Remember :

  • If you want to target a specific audience, then you must join the amazon affiliate program in that country. For example, you must sign up in for joining the Amazon affiliate marketing program in India.
  • Please do not promote irrelevant products. For example, you are running a health niche blog. Then promoting gadgets on your blog is a waste. Make sure to promote only relevant products.
  • The low traffic sites won’t attract much sales. So, you must work out on the content and traffic. When the people finds your content informative, then there are brighter chances of getting sales.
  • Add Amazon widgets or native shopping ads to your website to increase sales. Use banners and text links wherever necessary.
  • Please do not promote Amazon links without creating great content in websites. Remember that you cannot expect sales without traffic.

What Is The Final Conclusion?

The Amazon affiliate marketing is still lucrative. You have multiple products in the same niche. Once you build a great website and attract adequate traffic, you can work out on promoting links. If you are worked on Amazon affiliate marketing, then please share your experiences. Hope this article help the people in getting started as a Amazon affiliate.

Give a try to the Amazon affiliate marketing program

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