Mediavine Case Study (2023): Is It Good to Try?

I am going to talk about the Mediavine in this post. Everyone gets excited to work with Google AdSense. But, do you know that you can earn more than that of AdSense? If your site has high-quality content with at least 30,000 monthly pageviews, you can earn 100%+ than AdSense.

How Does Mediavine Work?

Like any other ad network, the Mediavine lets advertisers promote their products or services. Whereas the publishers would monetize their sites by placing ads on their sites. The advertisers are ready to pay good money to the top publishers. If you are a publisher, try to get quality traffic to your sites.

How Can You Join the Mediavine?

As I said earlier, the Mediavine is not an ad network. It is an ad management company. They are working with You might find more information about the Mediavine in this article. Your site must not be disapproved or disabled by Google AdSense. Once you submit your website, they will ask you to grant access to your Google analytics account. Then your website and traffic stats will be verified by Google AdExchange. Once they validate your website, you get their approval from them.

If you think your site attracts at least 25,000 sessions (30,000 pageviews) monthly and have an AdSense account, then apply as a publisher.

Which Is Better? (Mediavine VS AdSense):

Google AdSense has set a benchmark in online advertising. Many ad networks follow AdSense while calculating the rates. For example, AdSense is very particular about impressions. So, the RPM (Revenue per 1000 impressions) of Google AdSense totally depends on the ad impressions. While Mediavine takes sessions as the basis for calculating the RPM. This word may sound strange but let me explain a bit.

The Mediavine accepts the sites that generate at least 25,000 sessions monthly. According to Google Analytics, this number comes up to 30,000 pageviews. Whereas AdSense doesn’t have traffic restrictions. So, the low traffic sites can benefit from AdSense. The Mediavine is only for the high traffic sites. Being a Google certified partner, the ads will come from the Google Ad Exchange. If you have a premium AdSense account, then you can only see the ads from Google Ad exchange. The performance of the premium AdSense publisher and Mediavine publisher could be same.

When we talk about the RPM, the Medivine uses this formula RPM= (Total Revenue / Sessions * 1000).  This is the reason why you see the huge increase in revenue.

it is pretty easy to setup Google AdSense ads as you need to paste a snippet of code into your website. Of course, you need to place the codes wherever you desire to show ads. Whereas the Mediavine will automatically show ads in all important places. With AdSense, there are restrictions to use not more than 4 ad units per page. While Mediavine will show more ad units. Once you display more ad units, you can see the jump in the revenue.

If you are using AdSense or any other ad network, it is time to switch to the Mediavine ads.

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Why Should Someone Choose the Mediavine for Monetizing Their Sites?

  • The revenue share is 75% and 25%. That means you would get 75% of the share and Mediavine would take 25% of it. Isn’t it great?
  • If your site attracts at least 50,000 page views monthly, you can see a huge increase in revenue.
  • The revenue will be at least 100% more than that of AdSense.
  • You do not need to do anything from your side for displaying ads. The Mediavine will supply high optimized and RPM ads.
  • It works perfectly with the Amazon native ads.
  • Their Facebook group is extremely helpful to newbies.
  • The Mediavine dashboard is incredibly awesome. You get all your performance stats in real time.
  • If you are a WordPress user, then you can use the Mediavine plugin for setting up ads. You can also monetize the AMP traffic.
  • Whenever you need something, the support team will be there to help you. They would help you in setting up and choosing your best content for showing highly optimized ads.

What Are the Tips to Increase Traffic And RPM?

  • One must write and publish useful content in their blogs. You do not get quality traffic unless your content is not compelling or engaging. Remember that the Mediavine won’t accept your site unless it gets 25,000 sessions.
  • Try to join as much blogging communities as you can. It helps in increasing traffic to your sites.
  • Optimize all the older posts that are not going well with the rankings.
  • It is the content which brings back the visitor to your site.
  • Focus on building subscribers. The subscribers will only come back to your site if they find your content is useful to them.

Once your site attracts quality traffic, automatically the Mediavine RPM will increase.

Which One is The Best Among Mediavine VS Adthrive :

Unlike Mediavine which has only 25,000 sessions monthly, the Adthrive requires at least 100,000 monthly pageviews. The Adthrive will work only with high US traffic sites. Even Adthrive requires the active AdSense account. The revenue share for publishers of both Adthrive and Mediavine is the same, that is 75%.

Coming to the earnings, both the companies give you almost similar RPM. But, comparatively Adthrive can fetch you more income. You might know that your revenue depends on the geos, niche, placements and many others. Due to the strict traffic requirements, there would be no chances for low traffic blogs to work with these networks.

If you think your site attracts at least 100,000 pageviews monthly, then apply to the Adthrive.

What Is the Final Conclusion?

The Mediavine works only for the high traffic websites. You can see high RPM in cases of decent Tier 1 traffic. The sad part is that they do not offer an affiliate program. For any reason if you get rejected, then try Amazon affiliate marketing. If you have worked as a publisher, then please share your experiences.

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