Mediavine Review For Publishers: Ad Management Platform

Ask any site owner or blogger about their ultimate goal? They will finally say it is money which they need. Of course there are few celebs, part time bloggers or businesses who do not need money for running websites. But, small bloggers and site owners must monetize to pay their bills or make a living.

The very first monetization source that comes into the mind of site owner is Google Adsense. But, the revenue generated from clicks is ‘peanut’ revenue. I personally interacted with few AdSense publishers and surprised by looking at the conversions. The undeniable fact is that Adsense does not care much about publishers. All they care about advertisers. These situations are enough for publishers to search other alternatives.

If you opted for other ad networks, there would be no change in revenue. The site owners can see huge hike in their revenue if they choose any ad management platform. I heard from many that Ezoic and Mediavine boosted their ad revenue. Today, I would talk about Mediavine ad management platform.

What Is Mediavine?

Mediavine is a ad management platform which was founded by 4 energetic youngsters. Basically they were publishers and they know better. The main motive is to serve and care publishers. I think this is a great idea and they were successful in serving more than 4000 publishers worldwide. Mediavine help publishers in optimizing their ad revenue. They also suggest you few tips to speed up your website, promote site and optimize.

How To Join Mediavine Ad Management Platform?

Go to Mediavine publisher page and click apply now. Mediavine team will review your application and notify the status through E-Mail. There are few requirements for publishers to participate in this program. Mediavine will verify your Adsense account and analytics data.

What Are The Rules For Publishers To Join Mediavine Ad Management Platform?

  • The content must be unique, original and engaging. The idea behind this requirement is great content always attract decent audience.
  • Your site must attract at least 25000 sessions per month. Mediavine will use your analytics stats to track your site traffic.
  • You site must not get banned by Google Adsense. Mediavine is a Google Certified publishing partner and it is obvious for this platform to stick to this rule.
  • The site must be responsive because their ads will show up on both desktop and mobile.
  • Mediavine is particular about site design. The ads must fit into the spaces on your website.

Ad Formats :

The Mediavine publishers can have access to the following formats :

  • Adhesion Units
  • Above the Fold Sidebar Ad
  • Sticky Sidebar Ad
  • In Content Ads

Payment Info :

The publishers would receive their earnings on Net 65 basis. The payment options and corresponding threshold payouts are as follows :

  • PayPal – $25
  • Domestic ACH – $25
  • International ACH – $200
  • U.S. wire transfer – $25
  • International wire transfer – $25
  • Paper check – $0

What Are The Best Features Of Mediavine Ad Management Platform?

  • 75% revenue share
  • Potential advertisers
  • 5 ad units
  • Control over ads
  • High revenue compared to other ad networks.
  • Asynchronous ads : These ads are known for their speed. You can see the ads displayed simultaneously with the page loading.

Cons :

  • Adsense disabled sites are not allowed to join Mediavine.
  • Traffic requirements
  • 5 ad units may not go well with site visitors.
  • Net 65 payment schedule
  • No referral program

Contact Info :

If you had anything to ask Mediavine team about publisher program, then write to us at [email protected]

Address : 160 W. Camino Real #504 Boca Raton, FL 33432

Telephone : 888-705-1246

Final Conclusion :

Mediavine is not an ad network, it is an ad management platform which boosts ad revenue of publishers. The revenue model of Mediavine is CPM. This platform suits well for high traffic websites having Adsense account. If you had worked as a Mediavine publisher, then please share your experiences in the comment section. Hope you love this Mediavine review.

Join Mediavine Ad Management Platform And Start Making Money !

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