Wix Affiliate Program Review : Refer Users And Earn Money

Wix is one of the top website building company which is serving millions of users worldwide. This web builder is ideal for individuals, Entrepreneurs, bloggers, webmasters and app developers. Wix is offering affiliate program to encourage site owners or bloggers to earn money. There is no rocket science behind to receive commissions from Wix. To make money with Wix, you need to follow these steps : Join Wix affiliate program, promote, drive traffic and convert to leads.

How To Join Wix Affiliate Program?

Go to Wix affiliate program signup page and register yourself. Wix team will take some time to review your application. You will get notified through E-Mail. Unlike other affiliate programs, it is not easy to get approval. The foremost requirement is high traffic volume. If your site is generating thousands of pageviews daily, then your account might get approved by Wix team. However, Wix may look for other factors as well. Once you get approval, you can start promoting Wix using promotional material.

How To Promote Wix?

The Wix affiliates can promote using the following methods :

  • Promote Wix on your social profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Write a blog post about Wix and embed referral link within the article.
  • Place banner or referral link on your website or blog to attract potential customers.
  • Send E-Mails or newsletters about Wix to subscribers list.

When someone clicks on the referral link, purchases and does not cancel until 14 days, then it is called a qualified lead. The more customers you refer to Wix, the more income you can earn.

Commission And Payment Info :

Being a Wix affiliate, you will earn $100 per customer. The Wix will pay on monthly basis. You must reach at least $300 to withdraw funds.

Why One Should Join Wix Affiliate Program?

  • Reputed brand : Wix is a popular name among web developers, web designers, app developers and site owners.
  • Competitive commission structure
  • Innovative promotional material
  • Fast and timely payments.

Cons :

  • Less chances to get approved.
  • High traffic requirement
  • You must reach $300 minimum threshold in a month or else they will terminate your account mercilessly.
  • Strict rules

Final Conclusion :

One must join Wix affiliate program to earn decent commission. The affiliate must reach $300 in a month, that means you must refer at least 3 leads to receive commissions. If you had worked as a Wix affiliate, then please share your experiences in the comment section. Hope you love this Wix affiliate program review.

Join Wix Affiliate Program And Start Making Money !

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