Online Business Ideas You Can Build Using WordPress

WordPress is a very widely used platform for website creation and there are many great reviews about it. It’s user-friendly and easy to use,therefore it is a perfect platform to start a business on. WordPress is exclusively versatile, so very different business ideas can be developed on this platform – here you’ll find some that you can try and start yourself.

Start Your Own Online Store

Starting an online store could seem like a big challenge, but it can be much easier than you’d hope. You just need to use the right tools and right platform for it. The easiest way to go is to start a print on demand business and use a mockup creator from– your product could be anything starting from t-shirts and ending with posters. There are more than two hundred different products for you to choose from.

Event Planning


Image credit: Alasdair Elmes

Event planning is a great business idea to start on WordPress.Mainly because the platform gives the opportunity to use and add all needed tools, including WordPress event registration plugin that can be found on – your future clients will love it. Using a form like this is much easier than registering via email.


If you are completely new to blogging, we can share a fantastic blogging guide for newbies so that you can start your blog today. After you already created a blog, you will need to promote it in as many possible ways as possible. You should definitely take the advantages that social media can bring you.

Other than that, you could also use Google Adwords, work on your SEO, and collaborate with other bloggers to promote each other. After all the promotions, when you’ll already have a solid amount of readers, you can start offering companies to advertise their products on your blog. The best way to do it is to review the products or incorporate them into your content because your readers won’t enjoy direct advertisement.

Marketing Specialist


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WordPress is a perfect platform for marketing specialist because in order to look serious and to be found easier a marketing specialist needs to have a website. Here you should place your contacts, list your services, have a list of companies you’ve worked with and the projects you developed. Maybe even upload some certificates or nominations.

Marketing strategy is something that every business needs, but in order to get noticed, you need to show off your skills and market yourself. If you are easy to find and a client wants to work with after only seeing your website, then you can be sure you’ll do well in the future.


Translating is a very old profession, but it is very easy to do online and you can even have it as a side job if you work full-time. Services of a translator have always been needed and will be needed in the nearest future.

Of course, we have such tools like Google Translator and many other ones, but they aren’t even close to professional translating. Especially when it comes to document translations – only a human being can understand and do it right.

Graphic Designer

WordPress works perfectly for a beautiful portfolio, that’s why graphic designers often choose WordPress over any other platform to create it. More to it, WordPress is super easy to use and lets you create a completely new website very fast.

Also, it has many beautiful themes that represent the work of a graphic designer very well. Graphic design is a service needed by many, so you need to learn how to sell yourself better, and the right platform and theme plays a huge part in it.


You can earn additional money online as a photographer even if you don’t have the highest skills in photography. Sometimes you don’t even need a camera, because most of the new phones have cameras with pretty amazing characteristics.

After taking some pictures, you can edit it with Photoshop and upload it to your website. Here you can sell your photos as they are or even offer a printed version. To bring more people to your website, it would be a great idea to join some photobanks where you would put a list to your website in your description. After some time, you might even want to start a career in photography, maybe even this year?

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