Calendly Affiliate Program: Promote And Earn Decent Cash

We would talk about the Calendly affiliate program in this post.

Before going into the affiliate review details, let us throw some light on Calendly.

Calendly is an online appointment scheduling software.


You can read the reviews of Calendly on

What Is Calendly Affiliate Program?

Calendly affiliate signup

The Calendly will reward you for referring users.

To become a Calendly affiliate, visit

At the time of writing this article, the Calendly had partnered with Partnerstack for their affiliate program.

While applying to the Calendly affiliate program, you should understand their terms and conditions.

Before applying to the affiliate program, make sure that you have B2B website with decent user base.

They will ask few questions like website, monthly traffic, targeting traffic, modes of traffic etc.

Once they are satisfied with your answers, they will approve your affiliate account.

The Calendly will not allow PPC advertising or branding of keywords.

How Can Affiliates Promote Calendly?

  • Are you a blogger?

Write a blog post about Calendly and give your affiliate link.

  • Do you have a YouTube channel?

Make a video about Calendly and leave your affiliate link in the description.

  • Do you have a list of subscribers?

If yes, then let them know about the Calendly through newsletters.

  • Promote on websites and social media

Promote Calendly on your websites and social profiles.

How Much Can Calendly Affiliates Make?

Calendly is offering 10-30% recurring affiliate commission.

You can receive commissions through PayPal or Stripe.

The payments will be made on the monthly basis.

What Are The Best Features Of The Calendly Affiliate Program?

  • 90 days cookie period: When someone clicks on your affiliate link and signs up within 90 days, you get commission.
  • Recurring commission structure: The affiliates can receive commissions for 1 year.
  • Decent commissions: Being an affiliate, you can make 15-30% commission.


  • The general niches are not accepted to join this affiliate program. Only B2B sites are accepted.

What Is The Final Conclusion?

The Calendly affiliate program is ideal for only B2B or eCommerce portals.

Have you worked with Calendly as an affiliate?

We would love to hear your working experiences.

Hope this Calendly affiliate program review help people while getting started.

Join the Calendly affiliate program and start generating commissions!

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