DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac Review

Today, the market is flooded with DVD cloning or DVD burning programs. It turns out to be very confusing in picking out the best one from the lot. We actually need the best software, which is easily available with an easy and friendly user interface.

So one can surely take DVDFab DVD copy for MAC as an option. It proves itself to be a perfect combination of DVD burner, DVD cloner and even DVD copier for MAC. The best part of this software is that it can very easily convert any DVD to one’s MAC device in just a matter of 20-25 minutes depending upon the length of the DVD.


It has the ability to support hardware acceleration and even a multi core CPU to provide the user an amazing speed and output. It can also be used as a DVD cloner. It can also make a perfect 1:1 ration clones and has the ability to compress a DVD9 to DVD5 with an amazing output quality.

Since the software guarantees what it say, one has to shed a few bucks to use it. But going by the reviews, it is worth every penny you spend. For users who want to try it before actually purchasing it, there is a Demo option available for them. The Demo version allows you to actually try the software for a period of 30 days. One can easily check their website and download the trial version for DVD copy very easily.

When one gets the actual software they can see that the software is actually offered in six modes.

  1. First is a full disk mode. Here the user is allowed to copy the entire contents of the DVD.
  2. Second is the movie mode. It is used to copy the given longest movie title in the DVD.
  3. Third is the customize mode. It helps you to copy only the wanted part of the DVD and not the entire DVD.
  4. Fourth is the split option. It provides the user with the option to split a DVD9 copy to a DVD5 copy very easily
  5. Fifth is the merger option. It helps one to combine titles from different sources into one single DVD.
  6. Last is the Burn/Clone option. It helps to make 1:1 ratio of the DVD.

Even after offering so many options the best one could see in a this software is that it allows the user to copy DVD content on one’s MAC device. It is converted as an ISO image file. It acts as a backup wherein one can copy it to a DVD anytime and easily get a MAC DVD copy.

There is no doubt with the fact that DVDFab DVD copy for MAC is the best software among all the available options in the market today. At the price range of $49 it isn’t a farfetched deal. Is it?

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