PixelAds Media review : Online advertising network

Exclusive Interview with PixelAds Media support team

What is PixelAds Media and how does it work?

PixelAds affiliate network offers CPM campaigns to marketers worldwide. We’re focused at creating effective tools for publishers, allowing them to get maximum profit from their websites. We provide a webmaster with a single link to all offers. It’s just convenient: no need to test offers, create promo materials, monitor conversions 24/7 etc. All that he has to do is to choose one of 5 variants of ads available and integrate the code to a website. Everything else is our task.


How do you choose offers on the system?

We understand, that selecting the proper promo campaigns is a key to success. That’s why it’s the core process in our company. We pay a lot of attention to choose high profitable offers and we’ve learned to do it well.

What types of clients do you work with?

NO matter if you’re a hard-boiled internet marketer or a beginning webmaster. I consider our system to be a good starting point in CPM world for newbies due to it’s simplicity.

What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?

Our offers cover all geos, desktop devices and operation systems.

Europe, India, US, Australia, Russia are on the top now, but at anytime you can contact our support and get the latest top-list or personal local offers.

What are your main tips for successful desktop affiliate marketing?

Oh, it’s a good question indeed! If someone gets a shortcut to affiliate marketing let me know please. I suppose at least 3 points help to be successful:

You should try. Test different traffic sources, promos, campaigns, networks. This is the only way to understand the market.

Don’t take success and failure too seriously. Remember, it’s a fast changing market. If you’re successful today, don’t be too confident it’s for a long time. It’s true for failure also. Be ready for this and upgrade your skills.

Make your own system. If you’ve got no system or marketing strategy you’re like a blind – occasionally you can find a good path, but you’ll not be able to repeat it again.
What do you think the big themes for desktop advertising are going to be in 2015?

I believe online advertising is going to be targeted deeper and deeper. Popups is real today.

Promotional materials also will be changing. Video ads will play much more significant role – technical opportunities allow to do it.

Thanks to Jimmy for the interesting insights. 

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