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  1. Hi, is live now. with new dashboard design and features. please update your article as required. thanks for having such great article on your website.

  2. bacaterus says:

    Do they still pay?

  3. THEY DO NOT PAY!!! DO NOT TRY IT!!!! Google “adswick scam”, you will get results… The guy is a scammer. Pays no one!!!! Hamza above is the owner, do not believe whatever he says…

    Try at your own risk!

  4. Eyal Dolinsky says:

    Dear, I get the payment, kindly use this ad network, Its a great CPA affiliate network

  5. Hello!

    I want to inform you that Adswick Ad Network is under new ownership since March 20th. We are based in Austin, Texas and we are a dedicated team of professionals willing to work hard to make Adswick one of the best ad networks online.

    This is Martha, Adswick’s Operations Manager (under NEW ownership).

    At the moment, we are developing the platform further to make it better for advertisers and affiliates. The site will be re-launched on the first week of May 2021 – but you can join our Launch Notification list by visiting the site now.

    I’ll be able to answer questions or issues you may have since we took over the ownership since March 20, 2021.

    Thank you and looking forward to an amazing year!

    Operations Manager

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