AdRecover Review : Block Adblocker And Monetize Your Adblocked Ads

AdRecover is an innovative tool owned by AdPushup to monetize inventory blocked by adblockers. The publishers are losing huge revenue due to Adblockers usage.  Mostly users from US, Canada and rest of Europe are using adblocker software to block ads. AdRecover review websites of publishers before approving their accounts. They may take 1-7 days for the review process.

Terms And Conditions For Publishers To Join And Use AdRecover Monetization Tool

  • The websites must attract at least 50k page views a day or one million page views a month. Out of this traffic, the adblocked pages should be greater than 10,000.
  • The websites must not host malware, spam or viruses content.
  • The publishers must not use bots or software to manipulate clicks and impressions.
  • Being a publisher, you must not encourage others to click on ads.

Payment Info

The revenue would be shown up in your publisher dashboard. The publisher would get paid on Net 30 basis. The minimum payout is $50. The payment options are PayPal, eCheck and Wire transfer.

Best Features Of AdRecover

  • This network uses Asynchronous JavaScript code which shows no impact on loading time.
  • Easy to get started
  • UX-compliant ads : User experience is the first priority of this tool. It balances both UX and monetization.
  • AdRecover respects user’s privacy. So they deliver permission enabled and less intrusive text ads.
  • Premium, UX friendly and non-obtrusive ads
  • The ads would get displayed only when a user uses ad block software.
  • Advanced reporting for adblock monetization and measurement.
  • AdRecover supports AdBlock, AdBlockPlus and Crystal.
  • 24×7 monitoring system
  • A/B Testing
  • Attractive and User-friendly interface
  • The publishers can check adblocked traffic in the dashboard.
  • AdRecover works with all networks including Google Adsense ads.
  • Best support : You can always discuss about the prospective opportunities with support team.

Final Conclusion

This Anti-Adblock tool is very beneficial for high traffic websites. The revenue converts well for US, Canada and European traffic. The publishers who had used AdRecover to monetize Adblocked ads can share their experiences below. You can also send payment proof. Hope this AdRecover review help publishers to get started.

Join This Network And Start Monetizing Adblocked ads

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