An insight into the Adsense-Good and Evil

Generally, web Publishers and bloggers prefer Google AdSense to other digital advertising platforms when it comes to monetization. I tried to give an insight into the AdSense network. There were allegations on Google for making its AdSense approval process biased. Google seriously investigate publishers from third world like India, Pakistan and some African countries in approving AdSense accounts. The theory is hundreds and thousands of publishers from these countries tried to cheat AdSense program by fraudulent means.

For instance Mr.X is a AdSense publisher from third world and he started 100 blogger blogs. The content on these blogs is absolutely mediocre. He placed AdSense code on these blogs and asked his 100 friends to click them.

This is illegal and it directly harms AdWords advertisers. This made Google to act rigid in approving publisher applications. Unconditionally Google’s judgment is acceptable in this case.

Publishers and bloggers love AdSense advertising program for 2 reasons :


People trust established networks and more than 67% people use Google search engine.

2. High CPC (Cost per click)

One couldn’t find any other advertising program offering High CPC as Google. It might be one of the reason Google is still dominating digital advertising space since 2003.

On the other hand Google’s monopoly is condemnable. Hundreds of thousands of publisher accounts around the world got banned straightaway. The reasons according to Google are invalid clicks and page impressions, encouraging others to click ads, clicking your own ads, using automated software, paid traffic to click ads, placing ads on the positions which misleads visitors, Modifying code and using code in other formats like Pop-ups. These reasons seem as legitimate and undeniable.

But, Google don’t furnish evidence of invalid click activity to publishers. The reason they say is to safeguard the advertisers. Moreover AdSense will revert publishers hard-earned money back to advertisers. This is something fishy right.

Know why new bloggers should not blog for the sake of AdSense

To make my readers understandable I’ve come up with 3 stories and related questions.

Story 1 :

Mr.X is an honest blogger and he owns 3 blogs. He implemented AdSense on all his three blogs. He optimized his blogs well and promoted his blog posts on social media. Subscribers found his articles informative and insightful. Mr.X is a disciplined blogger and he hates blackhat techniques. He strictly followed Google terms of service and rules. So life was pretty awesome for him. He could see a steadily increase in AdSense income. Google dispatched verification pin after 2 requests and Mr.X verified it successfully. The day has finally arrived when his AdSense income crossed $100 mark. Mr.X was confident and pretty excited to receive earnings. Next day he failed to sign in and almost shocked to see the below message.

Adsense disabled

Yes Google disabled his account for invalid click activity. Mr.X won’t get a single penny from his earnings. Google says the money would be returned to the advertisers. He failed in providing stats while applying for the reconsideration. Google banned him for lifetime.

Note : Many people provide right stats to Google while reconsideration but most of the times their accounts are not reinstated.

Questions to Google

1. Why should publishers need to sacrifice their previous earnings for the sake of invalid clicks?

2. How can you blame a publisher if he can’t control the traffic and invalid clicks.

3. Failing to provide suspicious traffic doesn’t mean the publisher is guilty of invalid click activity. What is your stance on it?

4. If Google could sniff any unusual activity then why can’t they distinguish between fake traffic and genuine traffic.

5. Google has revenue share of 32% in AdSense for content and 49% in search. Google didn’t disclose revenue shares in other products. Will they return the revenue to the advertisers if a publisher found guilty? If yes then it must provide evidence of doing it.

Idris Sami of MesTextos was an Adsense victim and he lost $46,416 in January 2014. To the surprise Google rejected his appeal.

Story 2 :

Mr.Y is a small blogger and he hosted his 2 blogs on Blogger. He even has his own YouTube channel. He applied for hosted AdSense account and got approved as a publisher. He started monetizing his blogs and YouTube channel. Everything was working fine and his earnings were satisfactory. One day his AdSense account got disabled for some reasons. Google found some suspicious activity on his blogs. Mr.Y was banned for lifetime. He lost his earnings and he can’t monetize his YouTube channel any more. He tried other alternatives to monetize his blogger blogs. He was successful in attracting huge traffic to one of his blog. One day Google removed his blogger blog saying that it seems as a spam blog.

Questions to Google

1. Many bloggers complained that when a blogger blog attracts huge traffic and popular Google removes it without any notice. If Google finds any suspicious activity on blog why don’t they warn the blogger before removing it. This is insane. Sometimes blogger may not have a backup of his blog. Moreover if a blogger applies for blog reconsideration it may take 15 days or more. In the meantime traffic gets evaporated and blogger is left with bad reputation. Google may argue that it is offering hosting for free and they have their own policies. Then why the hell did they bought Blogger and maintaining it if they are not concerned about the users.

2. If a blogger found guilty of invalid ad clicks on blog then why should he sacrifice his YouTube earnings and monetization program.

Story 3

Mr.Z is a self-proclaimed problogger. You could usually see unethical bloggers like Mr.Z in third world. They are good at promoting their agenda and building networks with like-minded people. Mr.z uses blogger blogs only to make money with AdSense. He fills all the keywords on the page just to fool search engines and people. Sometimes he starts blogger blogs exclusively for events like Mothers day, fathers day, valentines day, Thanksgiving day or friendship day and examination results. In simple words he does keyword stuffing which is illegal according to Google. Mr.Z also created secret groups on social networking sites to get his AdSense ads clicked by members. But, he aggressively earns hundreds of thousands of dollars per month without adding any value to the readers.

Questions to Google

1. Is it not an illegitimate activity? Users are often annoyed to see useless sites with lots of keywords ranking on first page of Google. They are earning thousands of dollars and Google doesn’t find anything wrong with event blogs.


1. Google’s support is worse for any publisher. They couldn’t be reached on phone or email. The forum is not helpful. Google really care about their AdWords advertisers with whom they are generating revenue worth billions of dollars.

2. If a publisher gets banned for any cause he can join AdWords in the next moment. AdWords representative calls you once you give your personal details.


Despite knowing about Google’s monopoly greedy publishers still crave for AdSense. We need a strong alternative to AdSense in near future. At least the innocent publishers could be saved.

12 thoughts on “An insight into the Adsense-Good and Evil

  1. Awesome post and insights Suresh. I am impressed with the presentation, you said it absolutely right that we cannot rely upon the earnings of Google Adsense only. And on the other hand it is also true that a strong alternative is very much required, but then it is also very much true that so far nothing is there which you can claim as the strong alternative of GA program.

    But yes Suresh, I liked your post.

    1. Hi Alok,

      Nice to see you here. I’m glad you like it. We hope to see a great alternative to Adsense in coming days. Thank you so much for the comment. 🙂

  2. Thanks for some useful info to take into account as I consider the pros and cons of appying to use adsense on my blog.

  3. A blogger who rely on Adsense the most is indeed in great jeopardy as you can be banned without any reason.
    Working online is all about not putting all your eggs in one basket.

    I do think Sami did a great mistake. He should have withdrawn his cash long ago!

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      Yes I agree with your points bro. Sami shouldn’t have trusted Google so much. Thank you for the comment. 🙂

  4. This is one of the major problem, people face with Adsense. Middle of nowhere the users will get a message saying your account is banned for x things. I too faced a problem with it (but it was the starting).

    1. Sorry to hear that you faced a similar problem. Seriously we need a strong alternative to Adsense.

  5. Hello Mr Suresh… I am so impressed with all your points, you spoke out what have been buried deep down in my mind for years! i got banned last year August with $1400+ I felt so frustrated that I nearly committed suicide. I invested all I had into making money with Adsense and all I got was a ban.

    My question to you is that, is there any good Alternative to Google Adsense?

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