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Superlinks is a digital advertising company where publishers can monetize their sites with CPM campaigns. It is a part of Admanage network. They partnered with big platforms like Google Doubleclick Ad exchange, OpenX and AppNexus. The ad units could go well with any type of website ; be it a forum or a E-commerce website. The CPM rates are better compared to other networks.

superlinks reviewAccording to Superlinks the publishers must attract at least 4000 visitors daily. However some sites with 10000 monthly impressions got approved. But at the end of the day it depends on your site’s quality and traffic. They don’t accept sites which hosts objectionable  content like adult, torrent sites or gambling sites.

They prefer organic traffic to other sources. Superlinks is very specific about the sources of traffic. They would straightaway ban publishers who found guilty of getting unnatural traffic.

Naturally the eCPM rates are higher when publisher sites get traffic from Europe and US. The Superlinks ad units could be categorized as Super Exit links, Super Display Ads, Super Interstitial, Super Footer and Super Tower. Publishers must choose the ad unit which has high conversion and attracts users. The categories could be anything from business to technology. Google Double click delivers the ads which are relevant to your niche. Being a Superlinks publisher you’re allowed to place 5 ad units per page.

Generally the ad formats you see on your site are Display, Video and Text. Apart from it mobile publishers could also monetize their apps and sites with Superlinks mobile ad inventory. Sometimes you could see Adsense ads in place of Superlinks as Google DoubleClick serves the ads.


Superlinks publishers get paid on Net 35 basis via Paypal, Wire transfer or Payoneer. The minimum payout for Paypal and Payoneer is $100 where as it is $500 for Wire transfer.


1. Publishers could use Superlinks along with Google Adsense ads. There is no conflict between two ad networks.

2. Real time reporting

3. More advertising options

4. Competitive CPM rates

5. 100% fill

6. Reputable advertising brands

7. Referral Program ( Publishers earn 20% of their referred publishers income )

8. Superlinks plugin for WordPress users

8. Great support


1. Difficult to get approval

2. Higher threshold payout


Publishers having decent traffic on their sites from Europe and US must try Superlinks.

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10 thoughts on “Superlinks review

  1. Hey Suresh,

    “Superlinks” is one of the best digital ads network which helps you to monetize your blog quite effectively. But only disadvantage is that your blog should have atleast 4000 visitors on daily basis. But one it get approve, then you don’t have to worry about your earnings.

    Thanks for writing its review.

    Have a peaceful day ahead.


    1. Hi Swapnadip,

      Yes I agree with you. Getting 4000 visitors is really difficult for small bloggers. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. Thanks for providing the info about Superlinks, and I didn’t know that it is partnered with Google Doubleclick. It seems an advantage without Adsense approval. Luckily, I got approved within 3 days after applying for it.

    1. Hi Supam,

      Yes Superlinks is great and It is good to hear that you were approved as a publisher. I wish you great success with Superlinks. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  3. This is really best Google Adsense alternative… my blog approved from superlinks with in a day.

  4. Hi,
    I got approval from superlinks within 3 days. But not getting any report on my superlinks panel. So can you please tell me the average rate of CPM in superlinks.


    1. Hello Manas,

      It takes time to get the stats. Meanwhile you can contact their support team. CPM rates solely depends on your traffic. But it’s worse for Indian traffic. You could benefit only if your site attracts US and European traffic.

  5. Hello sir can i join superlink if i get 3000 visitor per day or not ? Do you have any tricks or suggesion for superlinks approval,please share it with us.

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