How To Make Money From Blogging Without Google Adsense

make money without google adsense

Google Adsense is the only monetization solution for webmasters and bloggers is a biggest myth. Agreed that Adsense is a big giant in online advertising. But, it is not an exact source to receive paychecks. There are many other alternatives to make money.

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However there is a huge change in mindsets of bloggers compared to earlier days. But, still there are some newbies who believe that only Google Adsense can feed them better. Coming to our website, it’s a proud moment for us as we are making money without depending on Google Adsense. Thanks to Google for banning our account without our mistake. I seriously didn’t appeal for it as I found it a great opportunity to explore other options. I also seen many newbies trying to make new accounts by buying from strangers or unknown sources. Please never ever try to buy Adsense accounts. It is illegal and Google will come to know someday.  I shared my story to motivate newbies.

So, the best alternatives to make money without Google Adsense are as follows :


If your blog attracts decent US, Canada, UK and European traffic then is a great monetization option. The beauty of this network is they are offering referral program. You can earn 10% referral commission from your referred publishers income. Where as Adsense doesn’t offer similar program to its publishers. Learn how to make money with before getting started.

Webmasters Join And Start Making Money

2. Affiliate Marketing

Find affiliate networks which are doing really good in your niche. Please filter the best affiliate programs based on commission rates and popularity. The best marketplaces to find your niche products are Shareasale and Jvzoo. Join these affiliate networks and start promoting products on your blogs. You can earn up to 60% depending on the products. You would receive payments on monthly basis. The best part is there would be no limits to apply programs. Sky is the only limit to earn. You can earn thousands of dollars monthly if you implement right strategies while promoting affiliate products. Many bloggers are earning tons of money with these marketplaces. Learn how to make money as a JvZoo affiliate.

Join Shareasale Affiliate Network And Start Making Money

Join Jvzoo Marketplace And Start Receiving Commissions

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancer marketplace where you sell skills. You might be anything like content writer, trainer, graphic designer or a developer, this platform welcomes you to make decent revenue. There are opportunities for hundreds of skills. Many bloggers have joined Fiverr and earning thousands of dollars monthly.

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Join Fiverr As A Seller And Start Selling Your Skills

4. Direct Advertising

You could apply to BuySellAds or Adclerks network if you are eligible to sell ad space. The eligibility purely depends on the traffic and decent ranking. They check your blog metrics thoroughly before approval. The main drawback of these networks are that they share revenue with you. You can monetize using direct advertising even if you don’t join these networks. Direct advertisers relevant to your niche will frequently search for high quality blogs. If they find your blog interesting in terms of traffic and engagement then they will pay you on monthly/half-yearly/annually basis. The main advantage here is you don’t need to share your revenue.

5. Sponsored content

If you are a champion in your niche, then sponsored reviews will fetch you great income. Many well-known companies look for influential blogs to supply Press release or sponsored review. But, remember that Google doesn’t encourage sponsored posts. Don’t accept everything that comes into your way. Choose your advertiser or company wisely otherwise you may end up with Google penalty. If the company is reputed with no black mark then you can go with it. Most of the link brokers provide you spam links with plagiarised content. Please don’t accept sponsored offers from anonymous people in hurry. If you are an authoritative blogger then direct clients will contact you with decent price. Anyway be safe while accepting sponsored content.

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These are the 5 Google Adsense alternatives that I recommend bloggers to try. If you had anything to share apart from these alternatives then please do comment below. Hope bloggers found this article helpful and implement these strategies. Tell your friends (who are bloggers) that you can make money blogging without Google Adsense.

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