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  1. Hello , i am trying to get approved in BuySellAds for around 6 months. My pagerank is 2 and Alexa Rank is also decent. But still they are not approving me for my site
    Can you tell me the reason by checking my blog? I am really not getting any point.

    1. Suresh vurity says:

      Hello Himadri It is so sad to hear that your site was not approved. May I know how much traffic your site is getting?

  2. Ravi Verma says:

    Hi Suresh …!!!
    pleased to read the Review of BSA. My Site is not having so much pageview to satisfy the conditions 😉

    Though I am trying to get it.
    by the way thanks for the info.

  3. Nice post but I doubt at some points. I know few of my friend who got buysellads approval with his less than 5000 pv pm and alexa more than 600k . Not few but many I seen. What will you say about that?? May be I am wrong but I think buysellads more check potential of site not traffic and alexa rank..

    1. Suresh vurity says:

      Hi Himanshu,
      Thank you so much for the comment. 🙂 I completely agree with you. BSA strictly approves the sites when they are able to attract 50k page views per month. But, sometimes the quality of the content matters the most. BSA also consider the sites which has huge fan following ( RSS subscribers, FB fans, twitter followers etc). If your site content is rich then there may be a chance to get approved.

  4. Suresh vurity says:

    Hi Ravi,
    Thank you so much for the comment. I am glad that you like it. I hope one day BSA would approve your site. Fingers crossed. 🙂

  5. Sahil garg says:

    Hi admin
    Nice review this will help me to get applied into BSA . Thanks for sharing this usefull article 🙂

  6. Suresh vurity says:

    Hi Sahil,
    Thank you for the comment. I wish you good luck. 🙂

  7. Nice information Suresh on BSA, I will try when my site grows very big as you have suggested.

    1. Suresh vurity says:

      Hi Vijesh,
      Thank you for stopping by my site. I wish you good luck. 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing this article
    Earlier I had applied to them and they rejected
    Again I trying, hopefully I get approved one day

  9. Suresh vurity says:

    Hi Sahil,
    Thanks for the comment. Try again until you succeed. One day you will get it. 🙂

  10. Theodore Nwangene says:

    Hi Suresh,
    An interesting post indeed. I was looking for more information about Buy sell ads and here you have it well stated. Thanks a lot for this helpful article of your, really informative.

    BTW: You have an awesome blog here and thanks for visiting my blog the other day.

    1. Suresh vurity says:

      Hi Theodore,
      Thanks for stopping by my site. I’m glad you like it. Even your blog is pretty cool. 🙂

  11. Jordan Singh says:


    Well no doubt buysellads is an amazing site where we can easily earn by selling ad space. The best thing is once an ad is sold we can directly get paid and we can our ad slot prices too.


    1. Suresh vurity says:

      Thanks for stopping by my site. I completely agree with your points. 🙂

  12. A.P.AKHIL says:

    BSA buy selling ads is really a best option to make money online….any online money making tricks just need a little time, after that you will keep on getting income for your work…its all about a perfect start.

    1. Suresh vurity says:

      Yes you are right Akhil. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  13. BuySellAds is an amazing way to make money online. We should follow these steps.

  14. Hello,

    I am Shanaya, I have many long term sports blogs, which are getting some good amount of traffic, but somehow, I am not able to get Adsense approval and also, Infolinks are not doing any good.

    And recently, I asked many about BuySellAds, and most of those said, that BuySellAds will not approve my websites.

    But I still want to get approved by this network as I am dying to monetize my sports blogs, so what I should I do to get approval from BuySellAds?

    Looking for quick response.

    1. Hello Shanaya,

      Thanks for asking this question. There are many alternatives to Adsense, Infolinks and BuySellAds. You didn’t mention your traffic. BSA network approves sites having huge traffic. I recommend Propeller ads and Adtomatik for pop ads and banners. For direct advertising try Publicityclerks network. You just need to test every network for at least 1 week. I hope it helps. If you have any query or doubts feel free to ask me. Thanks.

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