How to make money with Smowtion

Smowtion is another digital advertising network where publishers can make money online with their advertisements. The ads revenue generated by publishers is purely based on eCPM ( Effective cost per mile) model. The eCPM comprises of CPC (Cost per click), CPA (Cost per action) and CPM ( Cost per 1000 impressions). The publishers should not host any objectionable content on their sites otherwise they won’t allow to participate in their publisher program.

The publishers have to paste the code to show ads on their sites. But, publishers don’t have control over these campaigns (CPC, CPM and CPA). Smowtion can serve any type of campaign on the publisher sites. The only thing a publisher can do is he/she can block certain ads from showing up on their sites. The ad formats offered to publishers are banners, pop ups and sliders. Smowtion doesn’t offer text ads to its publishers. Publishers are allowed to place 5 ads per page.


The threshold amount is $100 and the 4 possible payment options are Paypal, Check, Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard and Wire transfer.

Smowtion is offering affiliate program to its publishers where you can earn 10% of the referral income for 6 months.


1. Every single page view is eligible for the earning.

2. Smowtion is compatible to any other advertising network like Adsense. Publishers can run Smowtion ads along with other network ads on their sites.

3. Smowtion support team is good and publishers can reach them via chat, email and phone.

4. Publishers can also make money with Smowtion affiliate program.

5. Publishers from any part of the world are eligible to join the program.


1. Normally it takes 2 weeks to show relevant ads.

2. Publishers have limited control on the ads.

Sign up as a smowtion publisher and start monetizing your site

Final conclusion : Publishers can really make money with Smowtion if their sites manage to get good traffic.

4 thoughts on “How to make money with Smowtion

  1. Well not only it makes earning online more interesting but also counts the single page views. Thanks for telling us about this service.

  2. Nice post. Very informative didn’t know about this ad network and from the looks of things it seems to be worth taking a shot.

    I am putting this on my watch list thanks!!

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