How to make money with Qadabra

make money with Qadabra

Qadabra (earlier Adsgadget) is a great alternative to Adsense when it comes to approval. Any publisher from any part of the world can join this wonderful program. I have seen many bloggers frustrated when they are not approved or banned from Adsense. Qadabra can surely comes to their rescue. The approval process is very fast and simple. It generally takes 2 minutes to complete the entire process.

Publishers have to copy and paste the ad code on their blogs or sites. They can see the banners straightway on your site without any hassles. Qadabra is also offering pop-ups and pop-unders to boost revenue. The publisher’s site must comply with Qadabra content policy to join. Qadabra don’t allow sites which hosts objectionable content. Unlike other advertising networks Qadabra never takes traffic into consideration.  New blogs with least traffic can also join this program. Moreover the threshold amount is $1 which is very good in terms of payment. Qadabra calculate the earnings on eCPM basis.


The minimum payout is $1 and publishers get paid via Paypal, and for wire transfers it is $500 on Net45( 45 days) basis. You can also get paid via Payoneer and the minimum payout is $20.


1. Publishers can make money with Qadabra instantly.

2. No traffic restrictions

3. Supports all countries

4. Sophisticated reporting system

5. Rich media ads

6. Publishers can categorize their sites to allow higher eCPM ads from advertisers.

7. Publishers can display Qadabra ads along with other advertising networks ads like Adsense. On the Adsense side, one can use other ads as long as they differ in appearance.

8.Good support


The only drawback is it has lower eCPM rate for Asian traffic. I hope Qadabra will improve their rates in near future.

Final conclusion

I strongly recommend Qadabra to all especially newbies. But, make sure that your site attract decent traffic. I hope you enjoyed my review. If at all I have missed something please let me know.

Make money with Qadabra

4 thoughts on “How to make money with Qadabra

  1. Hey bro,
    I have not used this network yet. Yesterday, I started trying on my blog just to see how it goes.

    I love the payoneer option on Qadabra. I’ll take a closer look today

    thanks for sharing

  2. Hey bro thanks for stopping by my post. I’m glad you like the post. Even is also cool. You can try ads along with Qadabra. 🙂

  3. Hello Suresh,
    I want to ask you a question. How many page impressions (Asian Traffic) does it need to generate $1?
    Waiting for your answer. Thanks in Advance

    1. Hi Rana,
      I don’t encourage you to place Qadabra ads if your site attracts traffic from Asia. You may earn around $0.05 per 1000 impressions. This is really bad. Isn’t it?

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