How to make money with Kontera

Kontera is a well-known inmake money with Kontera-text advertising network similar to Infolinks. The approval process usually doesn’t take long time. Kontera supplies code to the publishers to place on their blogs or websites. Kontera provides relevant in-text advertisements to the publishers. Publishers will get paid every time a user hovers or clicks on the double underlined keywords. Publishers can run Kontera ads along with other ads on your site or blog. Most publishers consider Kontera as the secondary source for revenue generation. But, remember that Kontera doesn’t allow sites which contain objectionable content ( adult) . Kontera won’t allow its publishers to use other network in-text ads on their sites.


The threshold amount is $50 and paid on Net30 (30 days) basis. If the publisher failed to reach the minimum payout in one month, it would be carried away to the next month. The possible payment modes to receive earnings are Paypal, Check and Wire transfer.


1. There are no restrictions for small publishers and bloggers to signup and make money with kontera.

2. Kontera offers plugins to WordPress, Joomla and drupal users.

3. Kontera serves Image and video ads on sites as per requirement.

4. The ads are very much relevant to the content.

5. The CPM rates are reasonable.

6. Kontera ads can run along with Adsense.

7. Great support.


1. Kontera code won’t run until the web page gets loaded which results in slow page loading.

2. Sometimes Kontera doesn’t perform well if the traffic comes mostly from non-European countries.


Final Conclusion :  Publishers can make money with Kontera if they manage to attract traffic from Europe and US.

Update :  Kontera is now Amobee

2 thoughts on “How to make money with Kontera

  1. Hi Suresh,

    This is Jonathan from Kontera, thanks for the great review 🙂

    One quick point regarding load time – we bring up with publishers that Kontera is by default the last element on a page to load, as an example of how we don’t slow down load time. Your readers can will be reading the content on your webpage at the exact speed they would, if Kontera wasn’t on the page.


    – Jonathan

  2. Users will find this comment purposeful. Thank you so much for your clarification Jonathan. 🙂

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