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  1. I applied for Adblade with a lottery based website which has around 500k pageviews every month.
    The traffic is not stable every month because when jackpots become very big, traffic explodes and the pageviews as well.
    They said that they don;t accept gambling related content, and I returned that lottery results and lottery archives are not truly gambling because the content is not related with casinos and so on.
    Even so, they were not impressed and they rejected my request.

    1. Suresh vurity says:

      Sad to hear about it. Try any other network.

  2. True, they are hard to get approved.

  3. Vishwajeet Kumar says:

    I love adblade. they approved my blog even its get very low traffic. Their support team contact me after my application and we discuss how I drive traffic to my blog. Luckly I got approved and earning decent amount. I love their support team quite responsive.

    1. I’m happy to hear that Adblade worked for you. Happy earning with Adblade. Good luck 🙂

    2. Please, Have you been paid your earn revenue? I got approved but have not been paid my earnings

  4. Approved. Let’s see how much it pays!

    1. Good. I wish you great success. 🙂

  5. Shahadat Hossain says:

    Their support system is just horrible. After getting approval, I have sent them more than ten emails. But still haven’t received any response. Anybody got paid from them?

    1. Sad to hear about your bad experience. Please call this number +1 800-264-8303 and do ask your queries. Thanks.

      1. Shahadat Hossain says:

        Called so many times. Each time they forward the call to voice mail service. I am confused whether I will get the revenue. Is there anybody who got payment from them? Thanks Suresh

        1. Hello Shahadat Really it’s a bad experience. By the way how much they owe you?

            1. May I know your account id? Can you send me the screenshot of your revenue? I’ll try to contact them.

          1. Can you please drop your email for me to also send my account ID Screenshot also? Because I already have over $2000 earned from them and am not paid yet.

            1. I mailed you. You can reply to my mail. Thanks.

              1. Shahadat Hossain says:

                Can you help with this issue, Suresh?

  6. Hello Shahadat can you send me your account id and payment screenshot.

  7. Hello Suresh,
    How are you today. I stopped by often at your blog to read some of your post which a lot of times I find interesting and informative. I want you to shed light on some issues for me. Adsense just disabled my account, devasted at that.
    I applied to adblade as publisher, I was given approval even with my very low traffic that I have. It is quite far from the 500,000 monthly pageview. I find that interesting and supernatural

    The issue I have now is the tax form issue, I am not a US citizen, not resident in US. I am a Nigerian a country in West Africa.

    Pls enlighten me about how to go about the tax form for non us residents because the requested for my country’s equivalent of W9 form


    1. Hello Kemmy,

      Please contact your bank as soon as possible. They will guide you. You don’t get paid by Adblade unless you submit W9 or equivalent form.

  8. Hi Suresh,
    Am from Nigeria also and i’ve submited my equivalent tax form and yet i’ve not been paid. I’ve send in several mails to adblade with no response and i have almost $3000 which i expectected to be paid over some months now.

    Do you think adblade still function or they’re out of service. Can you help reach out to them in my behalf?

    1. I’m sorry dude as they are not responding. Do you have friends in US? If yes then tell them to reach their office in New Jersey. If no then write a letter to them and post it to their office address directly. Take necessary photocopies of documents and enclose them in your letter.

      1. But, do you think they are still working? I will just like to know.

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