CPMLeader review : CPM advertising network

CPMLeader review

As the name suggests CPMLeader is one of the leading CPM ad networks in the recent times. CPMLeader worked well for many small publishers across the world. On the other side some publishers criticized for banning accounts without valid reasons and poor support. At  the end of the day one could see the mixed reactions on this network from publishers.


No ad network is free from criticism till date. The reason is quite simple ; The ads performance varies from publisher to publisher. The performance depends on certain factors like traffic, location, usage of ads, placement of ads etc.

CPMLeader has clearly specified CPM rates according to location and size of ads. No CPM network has done it so far. It really made easy for publishers to tally their earnings.

Joing CPMLeader publisher program is easy when compared to other CPM networks. But, they don’t accept normal blogspot blogs. This is a bad news for small blogspot bloggers. At the same time high quality blogspot sites have more chances to get approved.

Note: CPMLeader publishers must ensure that their sites are clean i.e. free from objectionable content.

CPMLeader offers 468×60, 300×250, 728×90 and  160×600 size banners. Among all sizes 300×250 banner could fetch more income. Publishers could use maximum 3 ad units per page.

CPMLeader claims publishers could get paid for every page impression.


CPMLeader pays its publishers twice a month via PayPal. The threshold payout is $5. Publishers could also convert their earnings to advertiser fee.


  • Low payout ($5)
  • Joining is easy
  • Instant reporting system
  • CPMLeader ads can work along with other network ads.
  • Affiliate program


  • Fill rates are around 65-70%
  • Publishers don’t have control on ads. Sometimes visitors may experience ‘Play/Download’ ads.
  • The response from Support team is slow.
  • CPM rates are very low for some countries.


  • Write great content to attract decent traffic from US, Canada and Europe. The higher traffic site will have more chances to get decent clicks. CPMLeader serves high performance inventory based on CTR. Remember that CPMLeader pays only for page impressions.
  • Place the ads above the fold to grab quick attention of visitors.


  • Don’t manipulate the ad code.
  • Don’t click on your own ads.
  • Don’t use autosurf programs or bots to generate fake traffic.

Note: CPMLeader bans publishers straightaway if they notice any suspicious activities.

Advertisers sign up here

Publishers sign up here

Final Conclusion : Small publishers and newbies could really take advantage of CPMLeader ad network. Publishers could make decent money if they manage to attract US and European traffic.

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