How to Make $100 a Month by Link Shortening

It is that time in the computer revolution. The time where people can make money off the internet. This can be done by discovering some new methods to earn money from personal blogs or by finding ways to earn more money with the help of the internet. Bloggers are able to make money from the internet by getting many views on their site that enables them to garner more views and subsequently more traffic which results in their blogs getting more attention than usual.

Bloggers who have been doing the job for a while are aware of the URL shortener facility that can be used to make sure that the links that are generally long in size are reduced so as to ensure ease of sharing as well as attractiveness on social media sites.

How bloggers can gain advantage:

Bloggers can make easy money as well as ensure that a lot of traffic is generated to towards their blog posts. This can be done with the help of using a URL shortener such as What this online application does is help bloggers to reduce the size of their URL’s and at the same time gain some money. By using the shortener bar that is available on, bloggers can reduce the size and share them on their social media sites. After doing so, with each click that is accumulated on the shortened link, users can gain money with each click.

Bloggers who utilize the benefits of the website will be able to gain more money with each of the clicks that are made toward their content. They can also make use of some of the amazing tools that come with the shortener site and make use of them to their advantage.

With each click that is made, 20% of the revenue that is according to the rates of the countries. As per the number of views corresponding to the cost of the country, bloggers can make money with the number of clicks that are made. There are monetizing tools such as Mass Shrinker, WordPress Plugin, Social Share Widget and Full Page Scripts.

Non-bloggers can also use:

This application can be put to use by people who are not regular bloggers or not bloggers at all. This can be done by sharing one of the affiliated referral sites and this helps users to get some part of the revenue with each of the views that comes with clicking the button. Non-bloggers can use this opportunity to the fullest and the site is also able to get some money off the little advertisements that are shared.

Non-bloggers can earn a lot more money through this method and this allows for more traffic toward the main site also. It is important to note that non-bloggers also make an account with the site before availing the benefits.

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The payment that comes with clicking the link varies from country to country and the amount vary everyday depending on advertiser rates. Users can be paid with the help of PayPal or Payoneer which allows users to access them after a certain threshold is passed.

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To conclude, is one of the most pioneering and innovative enterprises out there that provide two benefits rolled into one.

The first one is bloggers could simply make money shortening links without any hassles. The second benefit is sharing with short.est gains traffic to your site or blog.


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