Quick Tips To Give The Perfect Corporate Gift

Corporate gifts for employees have spread considerably in recent years, especially during the Christmas holidays, but also for anniversaries such as birthdays, meetings or corporate events, or after a contract expires and the successful completion of some projects.

The motivations that are at the base and that have taken root over time are mainly those of rewarding the employee, making him feel part of a family and, as a parent does with his children, so the company does with its most productive collaborators, giving credit to the profuse work and encouraging them to continue with the commitment. If you are a worker, you are determined, you sacrifice yourself, you are responsible for the company that hired you, then you will be rewarded for your efforts, not just in your paycheck.

Corporate gifts can therefore be seen as a real strategy, a sort of internal marketing investment, which increases the sense of belonging to the company in the employee, but also a sense of gratitude, all aimed at business growth. In addition to this, however, the human aspect must also be underlined, that is the sincere sense of gratitude of the company towards its employees, without whose work and commitment there could never be any growth and business development.

But what to give to an employee? The answer is varied and depend on different factors.

It is not easy, in fact, to plan and choose corporate gifts, especially if the company cares about it and wants to do things properly. First of all, the budget available is fundamental, and here we can guess the difference that can exist between large and small companies, even if being large also means having more employees to be rewarded, so there are small business realities that, after a particularly profitable period, they could also afford luxury gifts for the lucky employees.

Certainly the gifts that are delivered at a meeting or a corporate event have a different purpose and value than Christmas ones, or following the closure of a demanding project. So the other aspect to evaluate is the contextuality of the gift, and the end of it.

Over the years, a series of customs have emerged, according to which, for example, in a meeting personalized gifts are made with the company logo, from t-shirts to key chains, from USB sticks to the classic click pen, calendar or mouse, also if, ultimately, originality is also sought by following current topics, such as recyclable gadgets, coming from sustainable and ecological sources. They are usually gifts for everyday use, which at the same time increase what is called brand awareness, that is the reputation of a brand and therefore of the company.

The Christmas period deserves a closer look, which more than any other marries the idea of a gift. Here the value is double and embraces both the Christmas custom of giving, which leads not only the company to recognize a particular thought to its employee, but also the same to reciprocate, for example, with a gift to the nearest manager. During Christmas we find the greatest variety of corporate gifts, starting from the classic food and wine basket, to the red wine gift sets. Many companies are particularly committed in this period to reward and thank their employees, and the result is far from trivial. Travel as a reward continues to arouse particular appreciation, for example corporate benefits and productivity bonuses can be converted into vouchers, which allow the employee to choose the destination, the favorite hotel among hundreds of different possibilities.

Another idea on the travel front is to support the greatest passions of our collaborators such as sport. The passion for sport is widespread and you can find travel packages to watch the most famous international sporting events. They range from solutions of the cost of a few hundred Euros to highly prestigious solutions with VIP hospitality to be dedicated perhaps to the most important managers and collaborators.

Even the technology offers good ideas, for example a Bluetooth headset, a digital clock, a smartphone, a tablet, even a laptop if the company budget allows it.

Other corporate gift ideas may relate to beauty and personal care, which are also very welcome. Massage sessions, or spa entrances, herbal products, or ad hoc prepared caskets of sought after cosmetics. Internet offers other alternatives thanks to gift vouchers or gift cards to be redeemed at famous e-commerce platforms, thus giving the employee the burden of the final choice, based on his needs or desires. This type of corporate gift, strongly growing, should not be seen as a lack of commitment on the part of the company towards the employee, but as a more personal customization, as it allows to reduce the risk of making a superfluous gift.

One could indulge in listing the multitude of food and drinks that a company can offer under Christmas, including the best coffee subscription gift. If you want to look good with your employees, the advice is to think of something unique and special!

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