Top Tips for Hiring Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Are you searching for a commercial cleaning company? Making the right choice of provider is essential for keeping a sanitary office or facility.

Commercial cleaning and janitorial services are available to hire in different industries and settings, including standard tasks like mopping, vacuuming, bathroom sanitization, dusting, garbage removal, as well as advanced tasks like carpet and machine floor cleaning.

cleaning and janitorial services

Follow the tips below to hire the best cleaners.

Experience and training

The initial factors to consider when choosing commercial cleaning and janitorial services are the experience and training of the cleaners. The experience of these professionals should be backed up with consistent training in order for them to keep track of the latest safety protocols and cleaning techniques. They should be trained in working in compliance with the standards of the Center for Occupational Health and Safety.

In terms of experience, it’s paramount for the commercial cleaners you hire to have experience in your industry. Businesses in different industries have specific requirements when it comes to cleaning, which goes beyond sanitizing office environments.

For instance, medical facilities and hospitals require special services like aseptic sanitization of areas and biomedical waste disposal. Conversely, schools and other educational facilities usually require cleaners to wear protective equipment and have training in bloodborne pathogens. Learn more about bloodborne diseases and exposure to bloodborne pathogens.


Flexibility is an essential aspect to take into account when hiring the assistance of commercial cleaners. The company you hire is supposed to be flexible to the needs of your business so as to have smooth collaboration. Most companies prefer having their facilities cleaned prior to or following office hours in order not to cause distractions to the employees. Workers would definitely struggle to concentrate while listening to the annoying sound of the vacuum cleaner.


While interviewing commercial cleaners, you are advised to inquire about their willingness to work around your business hours. Also, make sure you learn whether a team of cleaners would be available to lend a hand outside of company hours in case you need emergency services.

Types of services

Another important aspect to consider when looking for commercial cleaners is the services they offer to customers. Not every company offers the same services and plans, meaning you should check their range. Almost all companies offer basic janitorial services like vacuuming, dusting, and garbage removal, but some of them provide additional assistance.

For example, some companies provide special event cleaning, power washing, carpet and upholstery cleaning, floor treatment, landscape maintenance, pest control, etc. It’s vital for commercial cleaners to offer customizable plans instead of one-size-fits-all solutions. See this URL,, to check out the dos and don’ts of pest control.

Equipment and supplies

The equipment and supplies of commercial cleaners are highly important in the choice of company. Their job is to use innovative products and high-tech equipment in the process of cleaning. In case your business requires meeting special sanitization and disinfection standards, ask the cleaners whether they use such products.

As far as equipment is concerned, the cleaners you hire should use vacuum cleaners that minimize noise. Consequently, they won’t disturb employees even if they clean during standard business hours. Additionally, you should learn whether the supplies are provided by the company itself, or you should buy them on your own.

In addition, commercial cleaning and janitorial companies are expected to use eco-friendly products to limit the use of harmful chemicals. Green cleaning does harm neither to the environment nor to human health.


Communication is an incredibly important aspect to take into consideration, as you should build a lasting relationship with your commercial cleaners. The majority of companies, such as picture perfect commercial cleaning & janitorial services in Calgary, prioritize communication and customer service. They are supposed to provide courteous service and accommodate the requests of the clients promptly and efficiently.

When having interviews with candidates, you should be informed about the existence of a customer support system to contact the cleaners after business hours. A quality assurance process must be performed regularly as well.

In conclusion

When looking for trustworthy cleaners, always check their experience, training, equipment, extensive service range, and customer support!

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