Hotmart Affiliate Program (2023): Promote and Earn Cash

The Hotmart affiliate program lets you boost your online income.

Before getting into the affiliate review, we would be talking about the Hotmart precisely.

What Is Hotmart and How Does It Work?

When you search for it, you will come across hundreds of answers that may confuse you.

Don’t worry. We will make it simpler for you.

Hotmart is an online platform where you can buy, sell and promote digital products.

The sellers are called producers in Hotmart and the people who promote products are called affiliates.

Obviously, the ones who buy products are customers.

Now, what is a digital product?

Any product that is in digital format and not in a physical form is a digital product.

Say you have downloaded an audio file, video clip or a PDF, these all are in digital forms.

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What Are the Formats of Digital Products?

According to Hotmart, the following are the main formats of digital products:

  • Ebooks, Courses, Manuals
  • Subscription services
  • Members sites
  • Test preparation workbooks
  • Music
  • Ringtones
  • Reports and Market Research
  • Software and online services (including SaaS)
  • Mobile apps
  • Screencasts
  • Video Lessons
  • Lectures
  • Films
  • Templates
  • Source codes, Scripts
  • Images
  • Photos
  • Icons
  • CD-Keys (and other Serial Codes)
  • Digitized magazines
  • Papers and Articles
  • Supplementary products

List source:

Who Is Hotmart Producer?

The producer is basically a seller and they publish their digital work on the Hotmart marketplace.

Who can be the producers then?

They can be bloggers, authors or entrepreneurs who like to sell their digital products.

Even companies or academies can also join as Hotmart producers.

What Is Hotmart Affiliate Program?

The Hotmart acts as a bridge between producers and affiliates.

By becoming an affiliate, you make money by promoting and selling digital products available on the marketplace.

The affiliate program is absolutely free and anyone can join without any hassle.

How To Join The Hotmart Affiliate Program?

Hotmart affiliate sign up

To become a Hotmart affiliate, visit

You will be asked for your personal information along with the websites where you can promote products.

Once you submit your application, your account will get approved instantly.

After logging into your account, you can join as a producer, affiliate or a customer.

Hotmart affiliate dashboard

The affiliates have to click on Affiliate with a product button to get started.

How Does the Hotmart Affiliate Program Work?

There are more than 100,000 products in the marketplace.

You need to select the product that matches your niche.

For example, your blog’s niche is pet and it is absurd to promote products from Building and construction category.

You can search and select the products from any of these following categories:

Hotmart affiliate market categories

While selecting a product, one should look at the reputation, price and commission rate.

For example, I selected this product from the Internet category as the commission rate is attractive.

Hotmart product

You have 2 options: Either you can promote the product by clicking Affiliate now button or buy the product.

As we are talking about the affiliate program, we will promote this product.

Once you click on the Affiliate now button, you will be given access to the promotional links page.

There you will see the materials like text links, banners, videos etc.

Now, we will be going to learn about promoting the product.

How Can Affiliates Promote the Hotmart Products?

Being an affiliate, you can follow these strategies:

  • The Hotmart allows affiliates to run Pay per click a.k.a PPC campaigns.

However, the affiliates should contact the support team before jumping to run campaigns.

The best PPC program is Google AdWords.

  • Are you a blogger?

Pick a product on Hotmart marketplace that you want to promote.

Write informative and engaging content relevant to the product.

Now, mention your picked product and tell why it is so good to try.

Apart from writing content, you can also place banners in your blog.

  • Are you a YouTuber?

Make videos related to the products that you have chosen.

Leave your product affiliate link in the description.

  • Do you have a list of subscribers?

Create newsletters about the products and send them to your subscribers.

  • Do you have solid social profiles?

Promote products on your social profiles like Facebook and Twitter.

How Much Can Hotmart Affiliates Make?

The affiliates can make 1%-80% of the product’s price.

You can select the commission structure while searching for a product as shown in the image below.

Hotmart affiliate commission rates

When And How Will You Get Paid?

The revenue will be available for withdrawal after 30 days of the sale.

The payment options are bank transfer and Payoneer.

If you are a Brazilian, then you need to reach at least 20 Reals.

For others, the minimum payout is $50 or €50.

You can also use Payoneer and the threshold payout is $50 or €50.

What Are the Best Features of the Hotmart Affiliate Program?

  • You are working with a top-class company.
  • You have access to more than 100,000 products from 25+ categories.
  • The Hotmart is offering an attractive commission structure.
  • You can find tens and hundreds of helpful articles all over the Hotmart site.
  • The affiliates can also join as producers and vice versa.
  • You will be eligible to receive dedicated support from Hotmart people.

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What Is the Final Conclusion?

The Hotmart affiliate marketing program is ideal for anyone who wants to increase their online earnings.

Have you worked as a Hotmart affiliate?

We would love to hear about your working experiences as an affiliate.

Hope this Hotmart affiliate program review helps people while getting started.

Sign up as a Hotmart affiliate and start earning profits.

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