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  1. dont you ebay says:

    total scam. they pay after 70+ days
    well, they dont pay
    4 days before the payment they decide that you drive illegal traffic and close you account
    of course you can’t reach any of them.

    total scam
    do – not – use.
    i guess eBay doesnt have enough money….

    1. This is not fair. Thanks for sharing your experience. Did you contact their support team?

  2. eBay Partner Network are a bunch of thieving SCAMMERS. I earned £2245.36 in commissions during the month of march 2020 and then last week before my payment is due in 3-4 days from now, they sent me an email basically terminating my account for no reason and stealing my £2245.36! I must have spent a good 16 hours a day everyday during march driving traffic to eBay. I only joined cos eBay Partner Network was supposed to be easy to use but then I get that email that oh so many people get. The email that proves that you need to be just as others have said “A PC Whizkid”. How is it that eBay Partner Network can get away with theft but nobody else can (except legalised organ thieves that is)? Anywayz, here is the email that the thieving scammers sent to me telling me in the nicest possible way that they are stealing my commissions.

    Please provide the following information in detail

    1) Campaign IDs for all of your EPN accounts.
    2) For each account, provide:
    – Website URLs of all sites you use to drive traffic to eBay. If you are using social media sites, please provide us with complete URLs of pages where you place your promotional contents
    – Any server logs:
    Please provide one week’s worth of raw web server logs for any web sites that you use to drive traffic to eBay directly or indirectly. Server logs are produced by your web server and should show each access to the server, giving at a minimum a time stamp, the URL accessed, the IP address accessing it, the referring page, the user agent (i.e. browser) used, the return code and the number of bytes transferred.
    – Any analytical information, such as Google Analytics, of all your sites you use to drive traffic.
    – Any third-party agents that you are currently employing, and/or any server redirects.
    – Details on any special promotional methods that require written approval. If applicable, please include the approvals you have received.
    – An example outlining the steps the user would take to arrive to your site and the steps they would take to finally arrive at

    Please reply to this email with detailed information we have requested above within 72 hours, or you risk termination of your account and 100% reversals of your pending commissions.


    eBay Partner Network Operations Support.

  3. Will more than $20,000 on eBay and partner and they will never let me withdraw. They keep giving me more and more package task which I cannot afford to continue unless I withdraw the money I spent.

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