eBay Partner Network Review (2023): Scam or Legit

I am going to talk about the eBay partner network (EPN) in this post. The eBay doesn’t need any introduction. It is a multibillion marketplace where you can buy and sell any item. Did you know that eBay has over 200 million users and 1.2 billion listings? It is incredible, isn’t it? The eBay partner program allows you to monetize your websites, social pages and mobile apps. It is similar to Amazon affiliate marketing.

What Is eBay Partner Network?

The eBay Partner Network is eBay’s affiliate marketing program. If you are a publisher or affiliate, then you get paid for referring to the sales. You either get commissions or else a flat fee. It depends on the advertiser, revenue model and product. You have the absolute freedom to promote eBay listings and when someone buys products, you get paid. There are over 1.2 billion listings in a wide range of categories like electronics, home & garden, collectibles & art, fashion and many. Being a self-serve or in-house affiliate network, the affiliates get perfect tracking of the performance.

What Is The eBay Partner Network Sign Up Procedure?

Here comes the eBay Partner Network signup procedure. By signing up, you will have a chance to earn decent money. The complete step by step guideline tutorial for signing up as an eBay affiliate partner is as follows:

If you do not have an eBay account, then go to epn.ebay.com and click on the “create an account” link.

eBay partner network signup

Fill all the fields like first name, last name, E-Mail and password. You can also login with your Facebook or Google account. If you have a business, then you can create a business account. While registering, you will be asked to target the country. Please see the image below.

eBay signup country

The eBay partner network immediately approves your account. There is no waiting time. You can start promoting products and earn commissions.

What Are the Participating Sites?

Please check the sites and commissions of the eBay partner program in the below images:

ebay participating sites
Image source : eBay

How Much Does eBay Partner Network Pay?

The eBay partner network commission rates are as follows:

ebay partner network commission rates
Image source: eBay partner network

Please remember that these rates may be subject to change.

How Can You Earn Commission?

Find the right products on eBay for promotion. Create the promotable link using the tools. Many affiliates use the Link generator tool. The next step is promoting links. Once someone clicks on the link and purchases the product within 24 hours, it is called qualified transaction. Finally, you will get paid.

create links ebay partner network

How To Get Started with the eBay Partner Network? (Promotional Methods)

Once you get accepted as an eBay partner, you will have access to the following: Banners, buttons, text links, API and a wide range of other tools. Look at these methods for promoting the eBay:

  • The eBay partner network works like a charm for content creators. You could own a blog, review site, op-ed outlets or a news site, you can try your luck as a eBay partner. Write compelling content so that you attract a huge audience. One should remember that only quality traffic can convert visits into commissions. Choose the eBay products or best deals matching your keywords. Include those links in the content. The links are trackable. Once the visitor clicks on the link and takes action, you will get paid. You do not need to do anything from your side. The eBay will take care of everything from the delivery to service.
  • If you find any exciting deal or a product, keep promoting on your social media accounts. Write a description about the product while sharing so that it attracts customers. You can also post them directly on your blog or website.
  • The best medium for promoting eBay products is YouTube. Choose a product and create a video around it. People love reviews.
  • If you have the list of subscribers, then let them know about the new products through newsletters. Remember that unsolicited mail may harm your eBay affiliate account.

Other Promotional Methods:

  • Look for the best deals and coupons on the merchant’s site. You can give them the same to your visitors.
  • You can offer incentives and rewards to the visitors. The rewards could be loyalty points and cash back.
  • If you are a app or web developer, then you can ask your client to buy extensions or software from eBay. You get commission for it.

Once you send quality traffic to eBay, there are higher chances of getting conversions. The more people you refer, the more income you can earn.The eBay is offering 200% bonus for referring new eBay buyers.

ebay partner network smart share

When And How Will You Get Paid?

The payments are made monthly. You must reach at least $10 for receiving payouts. The payment methods are PayPal and direct deposit.

What Are the Pros of the eBay Partner Network?

  • eBay is a trusted and reputed brand.
  • While choosing the eBay partner network, you will be having access to more than 30 categories. Under every single category, you find thousands of other sub-categories belonging to different brands.
  • eBay offers trending, events, daily deals and seasonal discounts.
  • Being an eBay partner, you can have access to lot of resources, webinars and guides.
  • The promotions have been made easy by the eBay partner network using tools like Smart Suite, Building Links, Creative and Item Feeds.

What Are the Drawbacks?

  • The cookie period is very short, that is 24 hours. When someone clicks on the link and purchases the product within 24 hours, the transaction will be called qualified. For example, if anyone clicks on the link and purchases after 24 hours, you don’t get commission.
  • Many affiliates have complained that their earnings are returned to the advertisers without proper reasons.
  • There is no dedicated support. If you have any questions, you can either check the resources or get the replies from random team members.

What Is the Conclusion?

One can join the eBay partner network for earning decent income. It is 100% legit. So, this was the end of the review about the eBay partner network. If you had worked as an eBay partner, then please share your experiences. We hope this review will help the affiliates to get started.

Give a try to the eBay partner network

3 thoughts on “eBay Partner Network Review (2023): Scam or Legit

  1. total scam. they pay after 70+ days
    well, they dont pay
    4 days before the payment they decide that you drive illegal traffic and close you account
    of course you can’t reach any of them.

    total scam
    do – not – use.
    i guess eBay doesnt have enough money….

  2. eBay Partner Network are a bunch of thieving SCAMMERS. I earned £2245.36 in commissions during the month of march 2020 and then last week before my payment is due in 3-4 days from now, they sent me an email basically terminating my account for no reason and stealing my £2245.36! I must have spent a good 16 hours a day everyday during march driving traffic to eBay. I only joined cos eBay Partner Network was supposed to be easy to use but then I get that email that oh so many people get. The email that proves that you need to be just as others have said “A PC Whizkid”. How is it that eBay Partner Network can get away with theft but nobody else can (except legalised organ thieves that is)? Anywayz, here is the email that the thieving scammers sent to me telling me in the nicest possible way that they are stealing my commissions.

    Please provide the following information in detail

    1) Campaign IDs for all of your EPN accounts.
    2) For each account, provide:
    – Website URLs of all sites you use to drive traffic to eBay. If you are using social media sites, please provide us with complete URLs of pages where you place your promotional contents
    – Any server logs:
    Please provide one week’s worth of raw web server logs for any web sites that you use to drive traffic to eBay directly or indirectly. Server logs are produced by your web server and should show each access to the server, giving at a minimum a time stamp, the URL accessed, the IP address accessing it, the referring page, the user agent (i.e. browser) used, the return code and the number of bytes transferred.
    – Any analytical information, such as Google Analytics, of all your sites you use to drive traffic.
    – Any third-party agents that you are currently employing, and/or any server redirects.
    – Details on any special promotional methods that require written approval. If applicable, please include the approvals you have received.
    – An example outlining the steps the user would take to arrive to your site and the steps they would take to finally arrive at eBay.com

    Please reply to this email with detailed information we have requested above within 72 hours, or you risk termination of your account and 100% reversals of your pending commissions.


    eBay Partner Network Operations Support.

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