Kartra Affiliate Program 2023: Join and Earn Decent Cash

We will be listing the Kartra affiliate program under affiliate programs.

Before reviewing the affiliate program, let us throw some light on Kartra first.

Kartra is a one stop solution to grow the businesses.

It is a SaaS company providing the following services to their customers and clients:

  • Page builder
  • Sales checkout forms
  • Lead management
  • Funnels and campaigns management
  • Membership portal
  • Video hosting service
  • Affiliate management
  • Forms and calendars
  • Surveys and quizzes
  • Marketplace
  • Integrations and API
  • Agency account management
  • Helpdesk portal

There are no hard rules for the customers to buy hosting from Kartra. You can host somewhere and use Kartra’s tools to grow your business.

Now let us know about the Karatra affiliate program.

What Is Kartra Affiliate Program and How Does It Work?

Karta affiliate marketing program is not for everyone.

They are very choosy when selecting the affiliates.

Go to https://home.kartra.com/partners to join the affiliate program.

Kartra affiliate signup

While signing up as an affiliate, you have to answer some questions.

Kartra affiliate program questionnaire

1. The very first question is whether you are a Webinar Jam, EverWebinar, or Kartra customer.

You don’t need to be a customer of any service.

You can opt for the “I am not a customer” option if you don’t use these services.

2. You need to give your email address.

3. They are asking your operational website. You need to share your website’s URL.

4. The affiliates should share their Instagram page URL. Having a page on Instagram is really useful to promote a product or service. You should not confuse it with your personal profile URL. Instead, they are asking your Instagram page URL. However, if your personal profile has a good number of followers, then you can give your profile URL.

5. You should share your Facebook profile URL.

Kartra affiliate program question

6. If you have a YouTube channel, then share the URL.

7. Share your LinkedIn profile. They will see the followers and post engagements.

8. This is really important. Experience counts. You should mention how long you have been in affiliate marketing.

9. Mention the range of affiliate products that you are promoting right now.

Highly recommended affiliate network: Shareasale

Learn more about the Shareasale affiliate network!

Kartra affiliate sign up

10. You need to select the promotional method you follow. It can be SEO, social media, SEO, newsletters, YouTube, podcasts, tutorials, courses, reviews, paid ads etc.

11. You need to mention the income that you generate from affiliate marketing every month.

12. You need to mention the time spent on the affiliate marketing.

Kartra affiliate join

13. You must answer what motivates you as an affiliate marketer.

14. The affiliate should tell the promotional strategies.

15. If you have been in the top 10 affiliates list, then mention that affiliate program.

Once they are convinced with your answers, they will activate your affiliate account.

Now the challenging part is promoting kartra in the right way.

How Can Affiliates Promote Kartra?

The affiliates can promote Kartra using the following methods:

  • Are you a blogger? You can write an insightful review article about Kartra and its services. You can also approach other bloggers for a guest post. Try as many guest posts as you can. But never duplicate your content. The content should be unique. You should put your Kartra affiliate link in the articles.
  • Social media has true potential to grab worthy customers. Promote Kartra on your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others. You can also create a group or page on Facebook to promote Kartra.
  • You might have seen several Webinar ads on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Usually, they run free webinar ads to build a list. Once they are done with the free webinar, they would push a course or product or service. Similarly, you can run a free webinar about scaling up a business or online business. Later you can talk about Kartra and explain how effectively and efficiently you can grow your business using their tools.
  • The affiliates can create review videos about Kartra tools and upload them on video hosting platforms like YouTube. Share your Kartra affiliate link in the video’s description.
  • You can place the affiliate banners or links on your websites to attract an audience.
  • Build an Email list of genuine connections and send newsletters about Kartra to them.
  • Running ads is an efficient and purposeful way to grab some potential leads. There are many popular PPC networks like AdWords, Bing ads, Facebook ads etc. You can run PPC campaigns independently or hire someone who has expertise in running successful campaigns. The ultimate goal is to reach the right audience.

What Are the Kartra Affiliate Commission Rates?

The affiliates can earn up to 40% per sale.

You can also earn 10% from your referred affiliate’s income.

Kartra affiliate commission types

There are 4 types of affiliate system:

Referral tier: In this type the affiliate has to refer at least 1 customer and bring 1 sale.

Affiliate Tier 1: In this type you must refer to at least 2 customers and make 2 sales. You should have earned less than $1000.

Affiliate Tier 2: In this type you must refer to at least 2 customers and make 2 sales. You should have earned less than $10,000.

Affiliate Tier 3: In this type you must refer to at least 2 customers and make 2 sales. You should earn more than $10,000.

How Can Kartra Affiliates Get Paid?

The affiliates will be paid on a monthly basis.

However, there will be a lock-in period of 45 days before payment gets processed.

This is because the unsatisfied customer can demand a refund from Kartra within 45 days.

You should have a PayPal business account for receiving commissions.

The other payment options are Check and Wire transfer.

The minimum threshold amount is $99.

What are The Best Features of Kartra Affiliate Program?

  • You are eligible to earn recurring income and second tier commissions.
  • The cookie period is 30 days. When a customer clicks on your affiliate link and takes action within 30 days, you will get paid.
  • You can take advantage of the resources and community.
  • Kartra will assign a dedicated account manager once your account gets approved.

Alternatives To Kartra Affiliate Program:

What Is the Final Conclusion?

Kartra affiliate program is ideal for bloggers, digital creators and influencers.

The advantage of this affiliate program is that you can earn recurring income.

Have you worked as a Kartra affiliate?

If yes, then please share your experiences.

We hope this Kartra affiliate program review will help you.

Join Kartra affiliate program and start earning!

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