HubSpot Affiliate Program: Promote And Earn Up To $1000

We would like to talk about the HubSpot affiliate program in this post.

If you are from marketing industry, then you might have heard about the HubSpot.

If this is the first time you heard about the HubSpot, then it is a leader in Customer relationship management services.

What Is HubSpot?

The HubSpot’s CRM software cater the needs of sales, marketing, customer service and content management.

The HubSpot software had helped more than 40,000 customers in increasing leads, boosting sales, deliver top notch customer service and building a powerful website.

The best advantage of HubSpot is that you can try their services for free.

You could get all the free products, demos and learning videos for getting started.

The free products include the CRM (customer relationship management system), forms, Email templates, and tickets and conversations.

You can store up to 1 million contacts and have up to 2,500 users in your free CRM account.

When your business grows, you can upgrade to paid plans.

The main products offered by HubSpot are:

  • HubSpot CRM
  • HubSpot Sales Hub
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub
  • HubSpot Service Hub

Before trying this CRM service, read this In-depth HubSpot review.

What Is HubSpot Affiliate Program?

The HubSpot affiliate program let you earn money for bringing qualified referrals.

One do not need to be a HubSpot customer for joining the affiliate program.

You will be given all the necessary tools like banners, links, ad copy and videos to promote HubSpot.

Who Can Join The HubSpot Affiliate Program?

Anyone who have an active website with impressive SMB (Small and medium sized business) audience.

There is no country specific requirement.

However, you need to have website for joining the affiliate program.

Your website’s content should be appealing to the SMB community.

The content-driven websites have more success with the HubSpot affiliate program.

Make sure that your website’s content comply with the HubSpot guidelines.

If you are a marketing agency, seller or a service provider and want to refer your clients, then you can join the Solutions Partner Program.

How To Join The HubSpot Affiliate Program?

To become a HubSpot affiliate, visit

Apart from filling personal details, you need to answer questions like “Why are you interested in the HubSpot affiliate program?” and If accepted into the program, where will you promote your affiliate links?.

Once you apply successfully, you will receive a confirmation Email as shown in the image below.

Hubspot application Email

What does it mean? The sales registered through are only eligible to receive the commissions.

If you refer any customer from a non-English speaking country, then the lead would not be registered.

Generally, they take up to 3 working days for the application review process.

You will get notified about the application status via Email.

Once your account gets approved, you can have an access to the necessary promotional materials.

How Can Affiliates Promote HubSpot?

1. The HubSpot supplies inventory such as banners, videos and ad copies. All you have to do is share them on your websites or blogs.

2. The other promotional method you should look at is social media.

You need to share your unique referral link on your social profiles like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

3. Organizing a seminar or a webinar about the HubSpot products would really help you.

Create awareness programs explaining the importance of HubSpot’s CRM.

At the end of your session, share your HubSpot referral link with the participants.

4. Does your website’s content focus on SMBs?

If your answer is yes, then write review articles or blog posts about the HubSpot products.

Give your referral link, wherever you find it necessary.

5. It is a proven fact that the visual content creates more impact than regular text or audio.

You can create a new channel for promoting HubSpot or you can upload videos in your existing channel.

Create new videos of different HubSpot products and leave your HubSpot affiliate link in the description.

6. Your website or blog may have good number of subscribers.

Mail them about the HubSpot products along with your affiliate link.

You could send periodic newsletters about different HubSpot products to your followers or subscribers.

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  • The affiliates are not allowed to bid with keywords related to “HubSpot” brand name.
  • You should not purchase HubSpot product/products using your own affiliate link. If ever you want to purchase any product, you can directly buy without using your HubSpot affiliate link.

What Are The HubSpot Affiliate Commission Rates – (How Much Does HubSpot Pay Affiliates?)

There are 3 types of commission types available for the HubSpot affiliates:

  • Starter/Basic: $250 USD per sale
  • Professional/CMS: $500 USD per sale
  • Enterprise: $1,000 USD per sale

You should remember that you are eligible to receive commission only on the customer’s first purchase.

How And When Will You Get Paid?

The commissions will be paid on the monthly basis via PayPal. There is no minimum payout requirement.

What Are The Best Features (Advantages) Of The HubSpot Affiliate Program?

  • The cookie period is 90 days. When someone clicks on your HubSpot affiliate link and comes back to purchase within 90 days, you get paid.
  • Unlike some affiliate programs, there is no minimum requirements on sales and commission.
  • The affiliates can take advantage of the free learning tutorials and attractive creatives.
  • You will get to know the internal news and product updates of HubSpot.
  • The HubSpot affiliates can track the clicks, referrals and revenue in the real-time.
  • Once you join as a HubSpot affiliate, you will start receiving dedicated and top-notch support.

Do They Impose Any Restrictions?

Yes, they have certain restrictions list. Have a look at them:

  • The HubSpot affiliate commissions are non-recurring. You will receive commission on only first sale. That means you won’t get paid for the renewals or upgrades.
  • You will get commissions only when you refer customers through landing page.
  • The customer should stay with HubSpot for at least 60 days otherwise you won’t receive the commission.
  • The HubSpot offers special discounts for startups and Entrepreneurs. You will not be going to receive commissions on these plans.

How To Contact The HubSpot Support Team?

If you have any queries about the affiliate program, then reach the support team at [email protected].

What Are The Related Affiliate Programs?

Final Conclusion (Is HubSpot affiliate program worthy?)

The HubSpot affiliate program is definitely worthy.

Being a top industry leader, HubSpot never disappoint you.

However, the affiliate program is ideal for content-centric websites with huge SMB audience.

Write as much as appealing and informative content useful for SMBs to make referrals.

Even though there are few limitations, you can give a try.

One should read all the HubSpot articles or watch videos before trying their hands as affiliates.

Have you worked as a HubSpot affiliate? If your answer is yes, then please share your experiences.

Hope this HubSpot affiliate review help the affiliates while getting started.

Join HubSpot affiliate program and start earning decent commissions.

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