amoCRM Affiliate Program (2023): Join as Partner & Earn Cash

Today we will be going to review amoCRM affiliate program.

Before going to the affiliate program details, we will talk about amoCRM first.

What Is amoCRM?

The amoCRM is a messaging-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for small and medium businesses.

The multi-channel communication is a bit innovative and amoCRM has first introduced it.

What do you mean by multi-channel communication?

It enables us to communicate through messengers, Emails and calls from a single app.

This message-based automation is helping Entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses across the world.

What Are the Best Features of the amoCRM?

Businesses can boost sales with the messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, WeChat, Telegram, Viber and others.

Apart from messaging apps, the amoCRM integrates mail services like Gmail and MailChimp.

You can find all the apps and integrations in one place on this page.

You can chat with your clients on any messaging platform.

All the messaging apps are integrated in one place.

All the conversations get synced automatically in real time.

One can create their own chatbots with the code-free chatbot builder.

The chatbot would identify the future prospects by chatting with the clients.

Whenever you need your colleague or manager’s support, they can join your conversation on the same line.

The API integration will help you with personalization. You can easily export all leads from amoCRM to other services.

You can read the amoCRM reviews on

The main customers of amoCRM are startups, small businesses and corporates.

This platform is really useful to grow your sales and build business relationships with clients.

What Is amoCRM Affiliate Program? (amoCRM Partner Program)

amoCRM partner

The amoCRM affiliate program will reward partners who recommend their services to clients.

To become an amoCRM affiliate or partner, visit

Once you successfully sign up as a partner, you will be provided with video lessons. After completion of video lectures, you will need to undergo certification.

After certification, you will get listed in the partners directory.

So, there are 4 steps involved in setting up your partner account.

Step 1: Signup as an amoCRM partner.

Step 2: Watch the video tutorials.

Step 3: Complete the certification test.

Step 4: Get listed on the partner’s directory.

Once you become an amoCRM affiliate or partner, you will receive 2 months of Enterprise account for free.

However, you should make at least 1 sale in this period to keep your account alive.

Once you make a sale in 2 months period, you will get another 6 months of free subscription.

Thereafter, you should manage to make at least 1 sale in 6 months period for keeping your account active.

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Who Can Join The amoCRM Affiliate Program?

To become an amoCRM partner, you can be any of these in this list:

  • Startups
  • Digital agencies
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Established businesses
  • Digital entrepreneurs
  • Creative aspirants
  • Wannabe entrepreneurs

How Can the Affiliates Promote The amoCRM?

As there is no affiliate link, you can follow these steps:

  • You can put your amoCRM partner badge on your website.
  • The affiliates or partners can write reviews about amoCRM and put all the training videos relevantly.
  • You can use the amoCRM images wherever necessary.
  • YouTube and webinars can really pull potential leads.
  • You can create posts about amoCRM on social media.

What Are the Best Features of the amoCRM Affiliate or Partner Program?

1. The video tutorials are pretty amazing and informative.

Once you complete the video lessons, you can attend the certification test.

After getting certification, you or your business gets recognized as an amoCRM partner.

The partner directory page is

Once you become an amoCRM affiliate or partner, you can start earning recurring commissions.

That means, you will be going to earn from your referral’s subscriptions.

So, it is a systematic approach to build a business.

Unlike other affiliate programs, you are actually getting trained before getting started.

The partners can be easily accessible from any part of the world.

2. Being an amoCRM affiliate or partner, you have full freedom to manage the client’s account.

You can create an account and manage things like subscription duration.

3. The amoCRM partners will get 2 months of free Enterprise account.

4. You will get featured on the amoCRM website.

3. You can earn not only from your referrals, but also from the services you provide to them.

The amoCRM doesn’t take a single penny from your service charges.

According to amoCRM, you can earn additional income from 3 categories: Business services, customization and widget development.

Business Services:

  • Consultation
  • Account setup
  • Team trainings & onboarding


  • Integrating 3rd party services
  • Customizing the dashboard
  • Granting ability to download the chat history
  • Connecting VoiP to the mobile app
  • Creating a referral or loyalty program inside you client’s account
  • and others

Widget Development:

You can develop your own widgets and get them listed in the amoCRM marketplace.

However, the amoCRM will review the widget before it gets published.

You can fix a fee for your widget.

The good news is that amoCRM doesn’t charge you for the business charges, customization and widgets.

3. The amoCRM support team are very helpful.

There are some reviews saying that they don’t offer timely support, which is not true.

You will be assigned a dedicated partner manager to look after you.

What we see is that amoCRM are more into making resourceful videos and helpful pages.

You have access to tons of information.

Did you get a prompt response from the support team?

We would certainly love to hear about the amoCRM support from clients and partners.

How Much Can amoCRM Affiliates Make?

Being an amoCRM affiliate, you can earn 35% recurring commission per sale.

Once you reach $10,000 in sales, your amoCRM affiliate program commission will be hiked from 35% to 50%.

Actually, there is no affiliate link available as of now.

The customers will be going to pay a full subscription fee to you.

Then, you need to purchase the subscription and a 35% discount will automatically be applied.

Your referred customer would get an extra 1-month free subscription.

As we have discussed in the best features section, you can also earn from business services, customization and widget development.

The payments are made on a monthly basis through PayPal.

What Is a Similar Affiliate or Partner Program?

Keap partner program

HubSpot affiliate program

What Is the Final Conclusion?

The amoCRM affiliate program is ideal for businesses or entrepreneurs with potential audiences.

You need to build worthy connections and it takes some effort to educate and convince them to try this messaging CRM.

The amoCRM partners can make 35%-50% commissions along with service charges.

Have you worked as an amoCRM affiliate?

If yes, then please share your working experiences with them.

We hope this amoCRM affiliate program review helps wannabe partners while getting started.

Signup for the amoCRM affiliate program, become a partner and start making decent income!

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