PromoNavi Affiliate Program (2023): Earn 50+30% Recurring Commissions

What is PromoNavi?

A robust and holistic digital platform at its core, PromoNavi helps small businesses, marketers, agencies, and PPC professionals save time by managing their PPC accounts, automating the iterative manual tasks, uncovering potential flaw areas, and recommending actionable and profitable insights.

Leveraging the PromoNavi platform, you can track the progress of your ad’s performance in real-time. You can automate your PPC reporting and get crucial insights on your competitors. The platform equips you to conveniently carry out in-depth research and build a campaign with a single click. PromoNavi also gives you recommendations on how to optimize your campaigns.

What Are the Best Features of PromoNavi?

Trusted by more than 2,000 agencies and marketers worldwide, PromoNavi is a platform with features that are useful for at least one or multiple marketer focus groups.

  • The Competitor Analysis tool helps unearth competitors’ best PPC strategies to optimize digital marketing campaign performance at a local level.

  • The PPC Reporting tool helps generate weekly and monthly automated PDF reports about your PPC campaigns. You can also choose a Google Data Studio report with all your key metrics and more.

  • The Keyword Planner and Campaign Builder tool helps you find new keywords for your campaign and then filter them with vital metrics and keyword groups before you upload.

  • The Alerting tools instantaneously send you notifications when a notable surge or drop in PPC performance is discovered.

  • PromoNavi’s automated PPC recommendations send you suggestions on keywords and broken links, helping you prevent budget waste and boost your campaign ROI.

What is the Promonavi Affiliate Program?

One of the most generous in the market, the PromoNavi Affiliate Program allows you to earn 50% of every subscription sale plus 30% of your sub-affiliate sales.

To make it work, you need to go to your PromoNavi personal account and copy your invite link or promo code. You can then start promoting PromoNavi using your promo code and pre-made promo materials.

For every subscription payment, you would receive 50% recurring commissions. As well, you will earn 30% of every sub-affiliate subscription sale.

Who Can Join the PromoNavi Affiliate Program?

There is no restriction on who can join the Affiliate Program. The design of the program allows anyone to leverage its benefits. You can be a marketer, PPC professional, content creator, speaker, or trainer—the program is for you if you know how to reach the digital marketing audience.

How Can the Affiliates Promote the Program?

As an affiliate, you can promote PromoNavi to anyone who runs Google, Microsoft, and Facebook Ads campaigns and requires an automation solution.

Your potential audience may include PPC specialists, agency owners, and marketers with an online marketing strategy. Regarding the specifics associated with the preferred promotional method, you need to do the promotions through a landing page or web property. You can promote the platform through any website or social platform. 

However, there are some restrictions on the type of website you should have. Your website must not have pornographic content, youth endangering material, or have racist or sexist content. It should not leverage direct linking through paid ads and must not attract traffic through forced clicks, incentives, coupons, deals, or discounts.

What are the Best Features of the Promonavi Affiliate Program?

There are several enticing aspects of this program. While the PromoNavi competitors pay a maximum of 40%, PromoNavi pays 50% of every sale to its affiliates. Moreover, you earn 30% of your sub-affiliate sales. Altogether, the earning potential is unmatchable. The earning opportunity remains valid for a lifetime. Each time your affiliate buys or renews a subscription, you earn money. There is no expiration date for how long the platform can track referrals by promo codes.

PromoNavi is a highly affordable place to be. The affiliates can use the platform for free for the first 30 days. Even after joining, the platform subscription for your affiliates stays within the very economical range of $49 to $79 per month.

The active affiliates of PromoNavi receive the official PromoNavi partner status, providing a range of additional benefits. The promotional material that one can use is available from the platform for free.

How Much Can PromoNavi Affiliates Make?

Before attempting to figure out how much you can make with a PromoNavi Affiliate Program, there are some aspects to the Affiliate Program participation that you must not forget:

  • The first is that signing up and participating as a PromoNavi affiliate is completely free.

  • There is no minimum sales threshold for you to earn a commission.

  • PromoNavi does not charge you any withdrawal commission, except for SWIFT transfers. The minimum withdrawal amount is 40 PLN for Poland banks, 10 USD for Web Money, and 300 EUR for SWIFT.

When it comes to your earning potential, let’s say you have onboarded five affiliates, and each of these affiliates has onboarded two more sub-affiliates down the line. It leaves you with a total of five affiliates and ten sub-affiliates. Under the current rate structure of PromoNavi agency plans, you will earn a monthly revenue of $360.

What is the Final Conclusion?

Overall, the PromoNavi Affiliate Program is an offer that is hard to refuse. While the competitors offer a commission of 40% at most, PromoNavi does not stop at 50%. It adds 30% of each sub-affiliate onboarding revenue. The earning stream stays valid for a lifetime, as long as the affiliates and sub-affiliates remain PromoNavi customers—an excellent initiative to thrive as a community.

Trustworthiness is another factor that people look for before putting their credibility at stake to promote another business. PromoNavi scores high when it comes to trust. Multiple global leaders ensure the security of users’ data and payments when they work with PromoNavi. While the likes of VISA, Mastercard, and Dotpay guarantee security, Google associates itself as a Premier Partner.

Becoming an affiliate is free and does not require the affiliate to invest additional resources to promote. The platform is equipped with free promotional material. Since the potential audience base of PromoNavi is large, targeting does not require effort-intensive work for the affiliate. If you want to know about the benefits of PromoNavi in greater detail, you can book a call with one of the specialists. They will help you to be able to explain PromoNavi better to others.

Overall, the Affiliate Program emerges as a robust and sustainable earning opportunity. You can create as many withdrawal requests per month as you wish. Leveraging as little as a website, your following on social media, and your enthusiasm in disseminating digital marketing knowledge, you can make substantial earnings with PromoNavi.

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