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It’s the job of every recruiter to evaluate and analyze the performance of candidates fitting the roles, personal values and schemas of the recruiting organizations.

What if the recruiter is provided with a tool stuffed with the questions, necessary to evaluate the capabilities of several candidates in order to make a fair selection of the candidates, without needing to go through thousands of resumes?

If you want to be more productive, you need to become master of your minutes. Unfortunately, Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed fruitfully nothing else can be managed.


Rekruited values time and helps manage and save time. It breaks the complex overwhelming recruiting tasks into manageable tasks, thereby saving the recruiters a hell lot of time.

Their automated algorithm will interview several candidates, thereby providing a ranking of the thousands of resumes based on the answers provided by the recruiter to their specific questions. It automatically eliminates those who do not give the right response to key questions and don’t possess the required skills for the job opening.

On the other hand, it also allows candidates to subscribe to their Dream Job.

Dreamjob was announced in April but started this June… Dream Job aims to fill the gap between the employee and the employer without having conventional public profiles and traditional job posts. These Dream Jobs open opportunity to get direct invitations for in-person interviews only for the specific jobs the candidate is in search for.

Rekruited is thus a new & innovative way of matching employees with their employers.

Why Choose Rekruited?

At “Rekruited” the success of its customers is the basic priority.  It make sure that their tools deliver the best results to every single recruiter and multiplies their success rate for the same effort.

While most applicant tracking systems offer complex solutions, Rekruited makes it simple and well planned. Here are the necessary Easy Steps to Conduct Successful Recruiting Activities on

Candidates too find this platform, user-friendly and a more comfortable solution to answer the questions, unlike other complicated softwares that are often confusing.

How Dream Job works?

Rekruited is the only place where ALL the candidates will be evaluated on basis of a short interview prior to reading their curricula.

Dream Job at Rekruited gives the opportunity to get direct invitations for in-person interviews only for the specific jobs you’re in search for. Here’s how it works.

Recruiters invite candidates by sending a direct questionnaire, only to subscribers of that specific location.

Interested subscribers will then be able to attend the automatic screening interview that will rank them for the final in person interview.

As a final step, the candidates will then be finally evaluated by the system based upon the criteria specifically set for the role by the recruiters.

Rekruited totally respects the privacy of their candidates as well. Like in a blind date service until the candidate is willing to work with an employer their personal data and curriculums are not shared. In a similar manner, the recruiters will only be able to see the profiles and credentials of candidates only after receiving a response to their initial screening test invite. When a subscriber responds on a screening interview, the recruiter will have access to the information of the candidate.

Check out these Steps to Subscribe to your “DREAM JOB”.


Rekruited makes Hiring as easy as 1..2..3!!

Its an awesome tool that smartly builds co-ordination between the employee and the employer. Above all it’s simple and absolutely free. It successfully bridges the gap between an employer and the employee. promises to deliver successful selections to their customers from recruiter and employee side.

The secret of going ahead is getting started, the secret of getting started is to choose an awesome platform.

So, Employers stick no more to those time consuming tasks, move on Rekruited and save endless hours of stressful manual candidate screening.

Candidates don’t wait any more. Simply choose your LOCATION and ROLE, follow the above steps and simply Subscribe to your Dream Job!!Jump in the boat before you lose opportunity, don’t simply search your job… book it!!

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