Easy Strategies for Maintaining Proper Customer Relationships

What do you want to achieve after graduating from the school of business? If you intend to start your own business after graduation, one of the things you need to take care of is your relationship with your customers. Therefore, our team at https://10pagepapers.com/essay-writer has compiled strategies that will help you to manage your relationship with the most important person in your business—the customer. Read on to learn and get yourself ready for the marketplace.

Train Your Staff

Unless you are running a sole proprietorship where you handle all the operations alone, you need to start with your employees. The reason is that they have the duty of dealing with customers, and hence, they need necessary skills for handling clients. You should train them on how to answer customer questions, deal with dissatisfaction, allay their fears, and meet their expectations. If you begin here, you should be sure of having a successful business your customer is the business.

Treat Your Staff Well

Besides training, remember that the way you treat your employees will directly reflect in how they will handle customers. If you have happy employees with sufficient training, they will serve the customer without supervision since they know their best interests are taken care of. Inversely, if you mistreat your workers in any way, they will sabotage the whole process of keeping your clientele. For instance, a mistreated worker is most likely to mishandle your customers than a satisfied one.

Be Accessible

Another way of maintaining your business clientele is remaining available and accessible. If your customers cannot access you whenever they need you, then you are most likely to lose them. Therefore, avail yourself during business hours both in person and via phone. If you have a physical shop, you should open on time and close the same way. Opening your shop late with clients waiting at our doors is one simple and sure way of spoiling your relationship with and losing them for good.


Integrity is the father and mother of all the other strategies. No matter how well you implement all the other strategies, your customers will leave you once they discover you are a cheat. If they can smell fraud in you, you are on a sure path to losing your relationship with customers because people don’t give you their money if they cannot trust you. Integrity is the foundation of earning the trust and respect of your customers. If they can trust that you don’t need police supervision to honor your promises, they will even extend your scope of your relationship with them by referring you to their friends and family. In the words of Warren Buffet, he says that Skill and Integrity are the two most important tools you need to succeed in any venture. But if you were to have one without the other, then it is better to choose Integrity without Skills, and not vice versa.

Return or Pick Calls Immediately

When customers call, they are not interested in asking about the weather or greeting you. They are in a serious business that requires you to respond promptly. If you want to cement your relationship with clients, you should be prompt in answering their calls. Even if they called and found you on another call, it is courteous to send an automatic text response telling them you will call them shortly. If you found a missed call, make sure you return it immediately with an apology. This way, you will keep the immediate business they could be calling to give you and maintain your relationship for the longterm.

Never Over Promise

To maintain your relationship with customers, you should be careful of making promises. The reason is that many businesses have perfected the art of making empty promises and most people are immune to them. For instance, statements like “we are the best” no longer mean anything to most people. If it is a must to promise, it is better you under-promise and over-deliver, and not vice versa. In short, you should let your actions speak louder than words.

Reward Loyalty

Customer loyalty is not your birthright. Therefore, whenever you see it, it is necessary to appreciate and reward it. You can reciprocate by sending your customers gifts and other rewards that make them feel at home.

Learn and Speak Their Language

Every customer has his or her language. Therefore, you should understand and speak the “language” your customers speak, and not vice versa. You should avoid all forms of jargon unless you are dealing with highly technical clients like doctors.

Be Grateful

Your customers are not tax or tithe payers making mandatory church or state payments. Therefore, you should learn how to appreciate your customers. Taking time to send them a “thank you” note is a great way of showing gratitude.

Be Consistent with Quality

Quality is an integral part of maintaining a good relationship with your customers. Nothing will make your clients take off faster than a drop in the quality of services and products you have been offering them. If you drop quality standards, you will be telling them that you are no longer interested in their satisfaction but your only goal is collecting their monies. Therefore, maintain your quality standards if you want to maintain your relationship with clients and win more customers.

Learn How to Listen

Lastly, you need to master the heart and art of listening if you want to maintain your relationship with your customers. It is easy for many “sales” people to talk without listening. If you want to get it right, you should listen before talking since you can learn a lot by listening than asking questions. In fact, when people notice you are interested in them, they will tell you things you were not even planning to ask.

With these strategies at your fingertips, do you have a reason to mishandle your customers when you venture into the business world?

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