BotBuilders Review: Understanding and Uses


In the modern day, keeping up with business trends is more and more important.  After all, if you do not learn them, you are at risk of falling behind.  This is especially true when it comes to things such as sales techniques.

One of the most popular up and coming strategies is creating an artificial intelligence, specifically called a bot, to chat with customers.  If you’re wondering why – well, there are plenty of reasons.

Many companies send emails or paper flyers to communicate with buyers.  Because we receive so many of these, they often get lost in the shuffle or tossed right into the junk bin.  That is why it is so critical to evolve our own techniques as we sell our products and services.

What are Chat Bots?

Of course, before I explain to you what reviews of these things are, I should probably tell you what they are.  Many people know them as virtual assistants.  They have a lot of different applications, which is why it is no surprise that the business world has started to pay attention to them.  For a brief overview of them, you can look at this page and read more.

A chat bot is an application that is used to message with people online rather than in person using text or a text to speak application.  They can also be a form of software that is used to assist customers, because they automate the conversations and can streamline the process.


The level of artificial intelligence behind one will determine its sophistication and ability to speak convincingly like a human being.  Many of them are able to do simple scans of popular phrases and a dictionary to get started.  However, to remain effective, they tend to require a lot of testing and tuning to remain at the proper level of realness.

What are Their Uses?

As I have briefly alluded to above, there are a lot of different ways to use chat bots.  They have a lot of applications, both fanciful and practical.  Something to note before I continue is that a botbuilders review can benefit the process of developing an application for several different purposes.

The first way to use them that I will discuss is for toys.  While this probably falls more under the “fanciful” umbrella that I mentioned above, I still think it is worth mentioning.  Many toy companies have started to incorporate them into their products by having dolls connect to smart phone applications, for example.  Understanding that this is the technology behind that is eye opening, at least in my opinion.

Next, I will talk about how they can be applied to the health care system.  This is certainly more practical, and something that helps streamline the medical process on the side of professionals and patients.  One of the ways they are utilized is to allow patients to schedule appointments via a chat bot.  I know this is something I really like – scheduling appointments can be nerve wracking, and automating the process is far more comfortable for me.

Additionally, they have proved quite helpful in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, which was something we may not have thought about before.  The Indian government, for example, actually distributed lifesaving information via an application like this.  The World Health Organization also did this.

These bots can also be added to help with the internal infrastructure of a company.  If you would like some data about this, you can look here:  I know I always like to see the studies that back up claims, so I opted to provide!

Some examples of their use in this context are creating a system for calling in sick or organizing time off requests.  After all, this is time consuming, and things can easily get confused in the process if it is left to human discretion.  Having an artificial intelligence manage a calendar and accept simple requests can really speed things up and assist in the record keeping process.

Finally, I will discuss the use of these bots in the customer service world.  This is what I was alluding to most in the introduction.  These should be tested extensively and fine-tuned, which is why you may want to consider outsourcing their development.

Think about when you call the bank, for example.  Many of these companies have automated their phone call processes.  You communicate with artificial intelligence, with the ultimate goal of not needing to speak to a human depending on how complicated the requests are.  Often, customers can simply call and speak to the bot, saving valuable time and some frustration on the end of both parties.

Maintenance and Review

To conclude this article, I’ll discuss the benefits of keeping yours maintained and reviewed by professionals.  If you have someone outside of your company look at it, they will often find things that were overlooked in the development.  After all, we tend to have blinders or rose-colored glasses on when we look at our own creations.

There is nothing wrong with that but catching things that slip through the cracks is never a bad thing.  After all, we want to create a smooth experience for customers.  A bot with proper grammar that feels like a human being is far more likely to catch the attention of customers than a stilted and awkward one.  That is why you should consider getting a review and continue routine tuning if you create one.

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