The Pros and Cons of Naming Your Business After Yourself

Many people wait a lot before they start their business. It takes a lot of time for someone to gather up the courage and start. However, as soon as you start, you run into problems. What are you going to name it? If you are a parent, you know how hard it is to name a baby that entered the world.

The feeling is identical when you start a new company. If you are not a parent, it is still going to be hard because you are going to invest a lot of your time into it. To avoid all the drama that is related to putting in your blood, sweat, and tears, many people choose to put in their own name and forget about it. Click here to read more.

In some cases, that is the best option. In others, not so much. Here are some of the good sides and the bad sides that come with naming your business after yourself. Click on this link to read more.

It’s easy and simple

When it comes to pros, simplicity is at the top. You do not have to waste time thinking about branding and similar things, and you can spend all your time focusing on the product or the service. You do not need to spend late nights thinking about the future and how the name is going to evolve into a brand.

Instead, you are going to be the brand. This also makes it quite easy for all your consumers and clients. If your face is at the front page and the front desk, they are going to know who they are working with. There will be no confusion when they come in and search for the person in charge.

It’s authentic

Nothing can ever be as authentic for you as your own name. No other word will capture your entire essence. It is everything that you already are, and it is everything that you can be. Many people stress over the naming process, and they go through multiple notebooks and whiteboards until they brainstorm the perfect combination of letters. Instead, you are going to have it easy and start immediately.

You are in control


If you want to start a business with a creative goal in mind, then it is much better to do it under your own name. Pseudonyms were fashionable back in the 1500s, and you will have a difficult time claiming your intellectual rights if you do not write, draw, or create under your own name.

If you put your own name as the center of your business, this makes you officially licensed. It is also the best way to promote yourself if you are a freelancer. This makes you quite recognizable, and people will know who they are working with. All your qualifications will be in one place, and people will have it easier to see your background.

What are the cons?

Most of us do not have unique names. This means that it is going to be harder to stand out from the competition. If you have a name like John Smith, how are you going to be different from all the other John Smiths that everyone knows? Follow this link to read more

Plus, naming a business after yourself when you are young can become problematic when you are in a serious relationship. Maybe you still are not engaged, but marriage is a thing that many people look forward to. Many people change their surname when they get married, and this makes the process much more complicated.

If you are already in a serious relationship, you might want to use your future name even before you get there. But that is a bold move since many things can happen on the way. Your name might feel permanent at the moment, but marriage and divorce could be some factors that could change it. Those life events are as complicated as they can get, and there is no reason to put another name change on top of them.

You are in control

You might be thinking, this is the same thing that is in the pros, and you will be correct. When you are in control, you are also the center of the business. This means that you have to measure your behavior and your posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

If you own a serious business, this means that you cannot go out and get blackout drunk with your friends and share the experience in your Instagram stories. Being in charge and in the center means that you are the person that reflects the business. If you do not want to be associated with your business wherever you go, then it is not a good idea to use your own name right at the start.


We are all full of potential and naming your company after yourself could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you. It might become so successful that you are going to want to hire a few teammates to help you out.

And that is where the limits start imposing themselves on you. If you work as a one-person miracle worker, then all your customers would want to have your undivided attention. If you have a few people that are helping you out, that might tarnish the reputation that you have already built.

When you think about naming your business, you also have to pay attention to the future. Perhaps Brand Lance could be the push you need to pick the best name for your brand. Growth is an important part of every company, and you should have it in mind right at the start.

A few final words

Well, should you use your own name as a business brand or not? That is a question that you need to answer yourself. There is not a correct answer to that question. Companies, like Walt Disney or Harley Davidson, are named after a person, and they have evolved to be one of the most popular ones in the world.

Others, like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft, have a different strategy, but they have achieved the same thing. The final choice is yours, and you should take all the factors that are mention into consideration. If it sounds good to you, it is going to sound good to everyone else.

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